Overview of the Adidam Sacred Archives

The Adidam Sacred Archives was founded in the early 1970's, at beginning of Avatar Adi Da's Teaching Work. Early activities of the Archives included organizing and storing the rapidly growing collections of Adi Da's original Handwritten manuscripts and photographs, audiotapes, and videos of Adi Da's Talks.

In response to the Sign and demonstration of Avatar Adi Da's life, the Archives has worked to preserve the vital communications of Adi Da's Divine Revelation such that they could be and become more and more a sacred resource for humanity for all time.

Over the past thirty years, the Adidam Sacred Archives has developed extensive collections of sacred artifacts, recordings, documents, photographs, and other items associated with the life of Adi Da Samraj and the history of Adidam. These collections have been featured over the years in museum exhibits at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, and now are also featured in exhibits on this Adidam Museum website.

The Archives collections are served through a wide range of conservation and preservation projects. The Archive staff is involved in many areas of research, cataloging, and preservation activities corresponding to the wide range of materials being preserved.

The Archives also facilitates research and other services providing the historical resources used throughout Adidam's sacred and educational programs. These services allow authors, filmmakers, educators, artists, and others in the Adidam community to access a vast body of historical documents and artifacts that inform the programs and publications of Adidam.

The Adidam Sacred Archives' mission includes preserving and making accessible hundreds of thousands of archival documents, recordings, and artifacts associated with Adi Da Samraj and the many facets of the Adidam culture. There are many ways that you can personally help this rich and growing resource, and to ensure its preservation and accessibility for all time. We invite you to explore how you can help support the Adidam Sacred Archives.

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