Collections of the Adidam Sacred Archives

The collections of the Adidam Sacred Archives represent an essential sign of the sacred history of the life of Adi Da Samraj and the Way of Adidam. A core aspect of the Archives approach to the collections is recognition of the Divine Spiritual Nature of Adi Da's life and Work. All of the Archives' collections are served as sacred resources, Empowered by Adi Da Samraj to communicate His Spiritual Blessing to all beings for all time.

Service to the Archives' collections requires individuals to be trained both in technical archival skills and also in unique priest skills similar to those used in the temples on Adidam Sanctuaries. Many of the Archives' collections themselves require that they be treated first as temple empowerment objects, and second as archival objects.

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The collections of the Adidam Sacred Archives include appproximately:

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Join others who value these sacred artifacts and documents of the life of
Adi Da Samraj and the history of Adidam by supporting the Sacred Archives
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