Adi Da Samraj

Overview of Exhibits

The story of the life of Adi Da Samraj is, itself, a living Gift. Although it is a story or history of real events, it is even more a medium of Avatar
Adi Da's Divine Revelation that is available to each of us now—in every moment.

Through these exhibits we tell this life-transforming story in many ways, from many perspectives, and from many voices of Avatar
Adi Da's devotees and others.

In the Hindu traditions, the stories of the God-Man or Avatar are called "Leela", which translates to mean the "Play of the Divine". The Adidam Museum features the Leela of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Scope of Exhibits

Our exhibits on the life of Adi Da Samraj present stories and archival "historical artifacts" of the eras, events, and themes in Adi Da Samraj's Life and Work.

The major eras of Avatar Adi Da's life are:


Adi Da Samraj

Birth as the "Bright" Divine Reality in human Form (November 3, Jamaica, New York)


Adi Da Samraj

Submission begins, with His spontaneous "Decision" to Submit to the human condition; First period of Submission begins: "Learning humankind" (includes His own years of Spiritual practice)


Adi Da Samraj

Divine Re-Awakening (September 10, Hollywood, California); First period of Submission ends


Adi Da Samraj

First Formal Teaching-Discourse (April 25, Hollywood, California); Second period of Submission begins: "Teaching humankind"


Adi Da Samraj

Yogic Establishment of His Divine Self-"Emergence" (January 11, 1986, Naitauba Island, Fiji); Second period of Submission is fundamentally complete; Third period of Submission begins: "Shedding" the Function of "Submitting to Humankind"


Adi Da Samraj

Establishment in Perpetual "Brightening"

We have created this Adidam Museum to feature many perspectives on the life of Adi Da Samraj. These include exhibits on themes such as: His Divine Wisdom-Teaching, His Divine Art, the creation of Sanctuaries, what Adi Da said about non-humans as contemplatives, and how He inspired architects and artists in the creation of Sanctuary Temples.

Through the current and future exhibits here, we invite you to explore the richness of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Revelation.

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