1972: Understanding

Adi Da Samraj, 1972

Ordinarily, you are unaware of relationship, as relationship. You only live the drama of separation. But when you become directly aware of this contraction, this separation, this subtle form, you observe or enjoy relationship as that condition which is always already the case. Relationship is always already the condition of the living consciousness. When this contraction is observed perfectly, "radically", there is only relationship, and no obstruction. Then, spontaneously, it is also Most Perfect Awareness. That Most Perfect Awareness is called the "Heart", the "Real", What always already is the case.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 25, 1972
"Understanding" from The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar

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Understanding: In this historic first Talk by Avatar Adi Da, He describes the process of Understanding that had been one of the fundamental discoveries of His own life, and that is the necessary foundation upon which Satsang, or the Divinely awakening relationship to Him as Sat-Guru, must be built.

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