2001: There Is Only One Self-Evident Reality and Event

Adi Da Samraj, 2001

The Context of what is arising Is the Prior One That Always Already Is.
That One is not Separate from this.
That One is not a "Thing" that you have to "get to" somehow.
That One Is Always Already the Case.
What is arising in That One is not a separate ego.
What is arising in That One is the centerless and boundless pattern patterning—with no entity.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 19, 2001
"There Is Only One Self-Evident Reality and Event",
in The Revelation Of Ruchiradam

 Associated Publication: The Revelation Of Ruchiradam CD

The Revelation Of Ruchiradam: Avatar Adi Da speaks two Essays and a Talk from His Ruchiradam Revelation: "Where There Is Always Already Only Beauty Itself—One and Indivisible, As Beloved of the Heart—what religion owns The Holy 'Brightness', That Transfigures every figure like a Midnight Sun?"

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