1999: The Realization of Happiness

Adi Da Samraj, 1999

The Way of Adidam requires, fundamentally, the Realization of Happiness. To find that Way requires ego-transcendence. Ecstasy exercises the total body-mind and all its faculties—instead of just body-mind contracting. Therefore, My devotees must be practicing whole bodily ecstasy. There must be the whole bodily heart-Communion with Me and My Spiritual Fullness, My Always Already Love-Bliss-Full Person. It is an "in-Love" disposition, not a self-technique, or egoic development toward satisfaction. Absolutely every aspect of My devotee's life must become participation in this Love-Bliss-"Brightness"—Which Is Reality Itself, or Samadhi.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
September 1999

 Associated Publication:The Commitment to Happiness

The Commitment to Happiness: Avatar Adi Da speaks about ordinary experience, the embrace of a truly religious life, and the Happiness that can be found in the relationship with the Guru.

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