1998: The Undifferentiated Nature of Consciousness and Light

Adi Da Samraj, 1988

Humankind's dilemma is not knowing what Reality Is. The presumption that Reality is fixed, solid, made to die, makes human beings insane. The passing of cricket-forms is a matter of absolute indifference, it seems. But that is not enough. If you merely look at the perceivable world, that's the way things seem. But if you enter into the subtler plane of your experiencing (energy, mind, intelligence—exercising that, being Exercised Spiritually relative to all that), you realize a greater profundity. And That Which Is Beyond the subtler plane of experience is the Seat of it. When That is Realized, then the Undifferentiated Nature of the Association between Consciousness and Light (or Love-Bliss) is Realized.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
December 16, 1998

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Realization of Now/You Are Only Consciousness ItselfThe Realization of "Now" & You Are Only Consciousness Itself: Avatar Adi Da speaks of the "Gift" of the knowledge of the Fundamental Reality and Freedom of Consciousness, which cannot be changed by any experience or event, and of how the true "now" cannot be achieved through any effort of the body or the mind, but can only be Realized as That Which is Always Already the Case.

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