1992: The Way of Adidam is a Relationship, not a Technique

Adi Da Samraj, 1992

As I have told you many times, the Way of Adidam is not a technique. It is a relationship with Me. That relationship must be lived, and you must be changed by it. If you live it truly and if you are changed by it, Satsang with Me will also be attractive to other people.

All My devotees should be able to bring the principle of love into active manifestation in daily life and eliminate all the rituals of unlove, all the mediocre versions of love, all the ceremonial affirmations of love. Actually live love. Express it all day. Do not allow the conventions of egoic worldliness to suppress love's expression. Make love the principle of your life and change everything.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
June 3, 1992

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Do This Yoga In All Your PartsDo This Yoga In All Your Parts: Avatar Adi Da speaks about how the devotional Yoga in the Way of Adidam is not about struggling with the difficulties of the body-mind, but of surrendering the "four faculties" (attention, feeling, body, and breath) in devotional response to Him.

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