1990: The Culture of Respect

Adi Da Samraj, 1990

As a political principle, equality is appropriate and honorable. But the principle of equality does not pertain, at least not in any absolute sense, to the realities of Spiritual life. The culture of Spiritual life is inherently hierarchical, because people are not equal to one another in terms of their Spiritual Realization. Therefore, in the domain and culture of Spiritual life, there must be hierarchies of responsibility and acknowledgement based upon the principle of respect, rather than on the principle of presumed equality.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 6, 1990
"The Culture of Respect"

 Associated Publication: Feeling Without Limitation

Feeling Without Limitation: In this Talk, Avatar Adi Da explains why the key to both human happiness and Spiritual Realization lies in the ability to feel without limitation.

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