1985: Use Your Advantage

Adi Da Samraj, 1985

There is one Law: You become what you meditate on. This Law summarizes the Process whereby I become your unique Advantage. As My devotee, although you perceive beings and things and phenomena of all kinds, you are in Communion with Me. As My devotee, you are concentrated in Me. In the midst of all that arises, you constantly give your attention to Me through your practice of the Way of the Heart. When you Contemplate Me with devotion, you are Contemplating the Divine Reality, Which is Full, Perfect. When you feelingly-Contemplate Me, you are Contemplating the complete Divine Revelation.

Therefore, I Am your unique Advantage.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
October 11, 1985
"Use Your Advantage"

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Use Your Advantage: In this Talk from October 1985, Avatar Adi Da Samraj proclaims the essence of the Way of Adidam—the devotional relationship to Him—and describes the simplicity of how to practice it.

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