1980: Understanding the ego-"I"

Adi Da Samraj, 1980

The true cure of humanity necessarily involves Awakening from the habit and self-model to which everyone adapts in the mode of suffering or dis-ease. Circumstances and conditions of existence do not cause "Narcissus". "Narcissus" is not merely the "victim", or the creation of the lovelessness communicated by others. "Narcissus" is the refusal to love, the impairment of the very mechanism by which love, or Radiance, is tangibly expressed.

The cure of "Narcissus" is not attained by merely remembering past reactions to the outer absence of love. The cure of "Narcissus" is self-evident in (rather than produced by) the regeneration of the capability of love, of relational feeling, or self-transcending will, and of acknowledgement of the Real, or Divine, Condition of the apparently separate self and all of its relations.

The cure of humanity is in self-understanding and native transcendence of the tendency of self-recoil, the refusal to love, the refusal to participate vulnerably and freely in psycho-physical events and to transcend the separate and separative self through acknowledgement of its inherence in the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Being

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
August 1980
"The ego-'I'"

 Associated Publication: The Ultimate Mudra

The Ultimate Mudra/You Can't Get There From Here: Two lively Talks from 1980. Adi Da summarizes the most fundamental human disposition as being one of "total . . . embrace of the Living God", and offers this radical message: You are not a "separate self", and Real God is not at the end of a long road or "process", but Real God is Present as you.

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