1979: The Revelation of Da

Adi Da Samraj, 1979

The Way of the Heart is Happy. It is boundlessly Joyful. It is difficult in this place, this world—difficult in terms of what you must endure, what you must creatively struggle with as a matter of ordinary discipline. People are difficult. People are crazy, driven mad by mortality and pleasure. And you will all continue to suffer limitations in one another.

The more this Community grows, then the more demanding it becomes, the more relational commitments you presume, the more things you must deal with creatively, the more you must overcome emotionally. There is no point in becoming angry about that. You must, rather, become compassionate and more loving and more of a servant.

But if you will do this, if you will transcend the petty reactions of your mortal psyche through God surrender, and simply accept the discipline of obedience and Remembrance, then you will be made Happy by Grace

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
September 16, 1979

 Associated Publication: Aham Da Asmi

Aham Da Asmi: Beloved, I Am Da: Avatar Adi Da fully Reveals Himself as the Living Divine Person "Da" (meaning "the Giver") and proclaims His Infinate Divine Love for all.

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