1975: Divine Distraction

Adi Da Samraj, 1975

The True Guru is not simply present to rap out a philosophy or distribute techniques that you may apply depending on your intelligence. The True Guru is present to enjoy a Divine relationship with all those who are willing to assume such a relationship, with all those who have the capability for distraction by the Guru in an absolute love-relationship that is more and more distracting. But if that love-desire distraction is not present in an individual's life, then the form of this sadhana is not initiated.

It cannot even begin. There is no point in even discussing the technical and abstract aspects of the development of the sadhana of the Way of the Heart until the individual has begun to enjoy an ecstatic relationship with Me, a Spiritual relationship—not one that is in the air, but one that includes the whole of life, that draws the emotion, that awakens the love, that awakens the heart.

That distracting relationship that is the principle of this sadhana must be established. On its basis, My devotee may begin to assume life-conditions, turn them into service to Me, and realize that service in more personal and complex ways over time.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
December 16, 1975
"Divine Distraction"

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Divine Distraction: This audiotape contains four Talks by
Adi Da Samraj on the essence of the Guru-devotee relationship—distraction by the Guru.

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