1974: Garbage and the Goddess

Adi Da Samraj, 1974

This world (or any world) is, in and of itself, only changes of state. There is no doubt about that. The changes will continue. Therefore, it is not necessary to zip into the "soup" of non-transformation. What is necessary is to realize the Principle of self-sacrifice, so that inevitable change may become the Principle of an existence without fear. Then all things will be given to you that are necessary and appropriate, and you will stand Happy and full of True Humor in the midst of life.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 15, 1974
"Garbage and the Goddess" from He-and-She Is Me

 Associated Publication: He-and-She Is Me

He-and-She Is Me: The full version of Avatar Adi Da's Historic Talk "Garbage and the Goddess" is published in this "Source-Text", along with Avatar Adi Da's esoteric Revelation of His Primary "Incarnation" in the Cosmic domain.

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