Reminiscences of Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 1974
told by Jack Lewis

Avatar Adi Da Samraj with Jack Lewis, 1974 The photo was taken at an occasion during the weekend celebration of what we used to call Guru Day, at the Mountain Of Attention. During this occasion, Avatar Adi Da was receiving gifts from devotees, and I watched many devotees go up and offer beautiful gifts and receive Beloved's Regard.

My gift was an odd assortment of (what I thought to be) "Yogic" knicknacks. I had a set of very inexpensive Tibetan chimes wrapped in a silk meditation hood, and a rosary of Tulsi beads. The whole thing was worth less than $10 and certainly was in no way equal to the many nice gifts Beloved Adi Da had been receiving. I felt my gift was not good enough, and I was afraid of getting up and being seen. Nevertheless, I had it in my mind that by giving it to Him I would be releasing my past religious associations and affirming my relationship to Him as my Spiritual Master.

I approached Beloved Adi Da, bowed, and offered my gifts. He took out each item and looked at it. He asked me playfully if the bells were ancient Tibetan chimes, and then He took them and played them and sang, while nodding His head from side to side. He was making fun of my past and purifying my attachment to being a "Yogi". He laughed His great outrageous laugh and then gestured for me to come up to Him. He embraced me, holding me behind the head with one hand and placing His other hand on my heart, and literally pumped His Spiritual Force into my heart. He kept holding on and on. I was in bliss, and then I started thinking maybe it was time to go, then I was in bliss again, and then I would be aware of my self-knot and the pain of it. All of this was going on in instantaneous flashes--and describes the nature of My relationship to My Beloved Guru.

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