1974: A Chronicle of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Revelation Work

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 19741974 was the year of "Garbage and the Goddess", the first of several "Teaching Demonstrations", or periods of dramatic lesson-making. These lessons were of lasting profundity, and were incorporated into Avatar Adi Da's fundamental Wisdom-Teaching as means to serve all who approach Him for Spiritual Instruction, now and in the future.

What was the lesson of "Garbage and the Goddess"? No experience--no matter how blissful, no matter how sought after in the Spiritual traditions--ever becomes the permanent, unalloyed Freedom and Happiness that is the most perfect Realization of God. How was this Lesson made? By an historically unprecedented Display of Spiritual Power that moved unprepared and ordinary people into mystical and ecstatic states that in many religious traditions would be prized as the achievement of lifetimes of Spiritual endeavor. By Granting His devotees these states "for free", Adi Da Samraj was Giving them the opportunity to directly understand that such states were not ultimate, not unchanging, not God.

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