Guru as Prophet, A Talk by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
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Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1973DEVOTEE: When You use the word "prophet", You are describing a different function than Guru, but I do not think You are using it in the traditional sense of a person who foretells something.

AVATAR ADI DA: That is not the traditional sense. That is the popular magazine sense. The prophets in Israel were not soothsayers. In fact, they criticized the entire resort to elemental powers and spirits. They did not foretell the future in the sense of looking on your forehead and telling you that you are going to go on a world trip next year. When they told the future, they said, "Unless you birds get straight, you are going to go through the fire next year." When I speak of My Function as prophet, it is in that sense, as critic, not as someone who exercises secondary psychic powers to foretell the future.

The true prophets have always existed, and the Guru has always fulfilled very much the same kind of role that the prophet fulfilled. All that the psychic can tell you by looking at the various phenomena he or she might perceive is what might occur if you continue to be disposed as you presently are. Such is a tacky parlor game of reading your tendencies. You do not need to look for the fulfillment of your tendencies. Your tendencies have nowhere to take you but to zero, regardless of whatever world trip they may generate for you on your way there! Such a "prophet" does not fulfill a critical function in the life of the person he or she is fascinating. Such a "prophet" does not draw that person into a new intelligence or self-perception whereby the person might transcend the karmic tendencies that may produce future phenomena.

The true prophetic function is a critical function in which there is no fundamental concern for what is likely to occur if tendencies continue as they are. The fundamental concern of the prophet is to undo the entire force of tendencies, or karmic destiny, and to plant the individual at this moment in the Divine Condition, and then again at this moment, and then at this moment. Then the entire realm of karmas has fundamentally no qualifying force whatsoever, regardless of how your life continues to unfold in the form of the usual destiny. The true prophet does not lead you to align yourself with karmic destiny. The true prophet leads you always toward a "radical" new position relative to the entire force of your ordinary life.

The prophets of Israel are representatives of that kind of prophecy. They were all aggravated, annoyed, humorous, paradoxical. They sought to draw people to God only, not to occupy them with psychism. In My prophetic role, I must take the same position relative to all of the occult, psychic, and falsely popularized Yogic and religious hype that permeates our society. Time has not fundamentally changed anything. People are still turned from the Divine Condition and want to find their way back by exercising the capability for experience. They want to read the stars and have visions. They want to read tarot decks and see ghosts. They do not want the prophet.

People do not want that criticism of the usual stream of life. They do not want that intrusive force to enter into the life of Narcissus. The cult of Narcissus permeates every instrument of ordinary experience, whether it is the common social pleasures and activities or the so-called "Spiritual" ones. The world is corrupted by its commitment to the path of Narcissus. Therefore, the only role I, as the Man of "Radical" Understanding, perform in the world at large is My prophetic role. I invite people to "radical" understanding, and I criticize the entire attempt to be fascinated and consoled. I am an offense to society at large because people want to remain irresponsible and self-indulgent and make experiences the principle of life. I am also an offense to all "Spiritual" cultism with its phony righteousness.

Real Spiritual life is the relationship to the Guru. It is absolutely nothing else. Real Spiritual life is living the Condition of relationship to the Guru. That is the entire "method". Within that relationship there is nothing whatsoever that you do to liberate yourself. The Truth Communicates Itself. The Truth comes Alive in you. The Truth Realizes Itself. The Truth makes Itself Obvious. The structure of this process in human terms is the relationship to the Guru. That is how it has been since ancient days. Acknowledging this, people resort, absolutely, to the Guru.

The Guru is a Means developed on a subtle level to help individuals turn about from their unconsciousness, their compulsive manner of living, to the point of becoming absolutely conscious and perfectly responsible for all events, "internal" and "external". What the traditional Spiritual societies have said is true: Spiritual life depends on the Grace of the Guru. Therefore, the most important thing to do is to please the Guru. This is absolutely true. The best thing you can do to further this process in yourselves is to please the Guru twenty-four hours a day. And the only way genuinely to please the Guru is to go from this [Avatar Adi Da makes a fist of His hand] to this [and opens His fist to show His open hand]--to stop the endless drama of resistance that you carry on from day to day, and to always turn from this tendency and, openly, toward the Condition of relationship to the Guru.

Depend on Me. Resort to Me. Live that relationship to Me as openly and with as much intensity as you can. In other words, do not obstruct the connection, the passage, between yourself and Me. Do that, and you will only please Me. When there is that openness, that intensity of relationship to Me, the Force that is Manifesting and Functioning as Me Flows, without obstruction. Suddenly you begin to discover that you are feeling very Blissful, getting very Happy, and progressing very quickly. All the rest of the time, you are very solemnly involved in Spiritual life--"What should I do with this and that?" "How do I meditate?" and playing your game every day, one crisis after another--"You know, it's all really incredibly difficult."

Why do you think I am here? Not to write a lot of books about some method of seeking people can do to themselves for the next twenty centuries. There is a specific Function Alive here. It wants to make Itself Known. It wants to Live. It wants to thrive. It wants to do Its Work. But if people do not establish themselves, responsibly, every day, joyfully, in this relationship and live it responsibly, they have not begun this Way of Satsang with Me.

Only where this Satsang with Me is actually lived can this entire process I have described take place. If Satsang with Me is not enjoyed, if It does not become the Condition of your life, and if this process has not begun, as a living reality, you can read The Knee of Listening for the rest of your life and never Realize a damn thing. You can Enquire of yourself "Avoiding relationship?" for many hours a day, and yet your self-Enquiry will not Realize anything. This process must come alive, and it depends entirely on Satsang with Me.

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