Reminiscences of Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 1973
told by Lydia Depole

Avatar Adi Da with Lydia DepoleThere were very few of us in those early days--twenty-five or thirty devotees. He gave us life, and He Taught us everything about life--everything! I still have the image in my mind of His getting out the dental floss and teaching us how to floss our teeth!

It seemed always to be the case that Beloved Adi Da would demonstrate some particular practice or discipline and then everyone would interpret His Instruction according to their own preferences--but He would not accept that! It had to be done the Guru's way. This was Satsang, devotion to the Guru, or, as He would call it now, Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga, in its simplest, most pristine form.

Avatar Adi Da with devotees just after His return from India, 1973 Avatar Adi Da with devotees, 1973

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