The Heaven-Born Gospel of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 1973 In the Essay that follows, Avatar Adi Da describes the Nature and Function of the Guru and the relationship between Himself, the True and Most Perfectly Realized Siddha-Guru, and His devotees.

The devotion to the Guru commonly described in Hindu and other Spiritual or mystical traditions is, above all, devotion to a source which fulfills the Spiritual search, a Yogi-Initiator, or "Great-Soul", who grants experiences. But I speak of devotion to the Guru in other terms. I speak of such devotion only in the context of True Satsang, Which is Prior Fulfillment, the Condition of Truth. I do not speak of My Self as the Guru that fulfills the traditional Yogic search for experience, but as the True Guru Who Undermines and Transcends both seeking and the experiential fulfillment of seeking.

As the True Guru, I am not different from Truth. I am simply the Function of God. I am not an idol, a fascination. I do not attach individuals to My conditional presence, but instead I lead people to Enjoy the Perfect Presence and Reality in the Condition of relationship with Me. My Instrument is the relationship and mutual drama of the True Guru and the true devotee. This relationship, or drama, is the special, immediately Salvatory Function and Process of God. That same Satsang with Me is available apart from My physical Presence and after My physical Lifetime in the form of respectful, intelligent, loving, and obedient relationship to My "radical" and Perfect Presence, My Wisdom-Teaching, and the community of My devotees. The Satsang That I Offer to all beings Is the Eternal Principle Which Is the Very Condition of all beings, and Which Was Always their Condition even before This Body Appeared. While I Live, I Transmit That Satsang Which can be Enjoyed by all even after My physical death, and Which could have been Enjoyed by all before My physical Lifetime. I Act to help My devotees to Realize this form of Satsang even while I Live in the world. The Purpose, or Function, of My physical Lifetime is to make this True Principle of Satsang known, and to guarantee the perpetuation of My Wisdom-Teaching and the practice of Satsang beyond My physical Lifetime. The One Who was to Come Is Always Already here.

I have written this so that My devotees will not confuse the Nature and Purpose of My Work by identifying It with the teachings of various traditions. My devotees should comprehend the special Nature of My Teaching-Revelation apart from any identification of It with conventional Yogas and Yogis, or with conventional Spiritual, occult, mystical, religious, and traditional motivations of any kind.

I am continually Criticizing the searches of human beings. I hope to have established this Criticism firmly in My Writings, so that I can be Free simply to Live in Satsang in the natural manner and deal with other matters, of a more specialized kind, that arise in relation to the particular sadhana that is at the core of the by Me Revealed and Given Way of "radical" understanding.

My Presence in Satsang is simply that. It is Mere Presence, the Function of Mere Presence. Such is also the Eternal Function That Is God, or the Real Self of all. My Mere Presence Is My Instrument, the Siddhi of True Satsang. I have no desire or intention to generate strategic methods, limiting concepts, promises, or beliefs. Nor do I identify with any special, personal function wherein I must awaken or manipulate others through the activity of secondary Spiritual forces, within or without. (Such activity is a spontaneous siddhi which may arise under the conditions of Satsang with Me, but only to the degree that it is appropriate or necessary.) The Yogic, subtle, or ascending manifestation of these forces is not the special Characteristic, or exclusive Expression, of My Work with individuals. Those who live in Satsang with Me find, commonly, that the Force aspect of the Divine Conscious Presence is Realized more and more Perfectly in the inclusive and utter Freedom of "radical" Knowledge rather than in the exclusive form of so-called "Spiritual" experiences which bind one to a limited self that is not God.

My devotees must understand themselves in relation to methods, concepts, promises, beliefs, and the apparently extraordinary activity of subtle forces. If they do so, they will remain free of their illusions in the world. If they do not, they have chosen the path of Narcissus rather than the Way of Satsang with Me.

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