I Move Only Where There is Fire, A Talk by Avatar Adi Da
Given on June 28, 1973 (excerpt)

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1973In this passionate Talk, Avatar Adi Da spoke about the response required of the devotee for the "fiery"--dramatic, loving, purifying, and regenerative--relationship between Himself and each of His devotees to be fruitful. Below is a short excerpt.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I have no intention to be involved in an artificial version of Spiritual life. It is easy to become fascinating, to create games and illusions that motivate people. But the true devotion of the devotee is spontaneous, natural, genuine. I am interested in spending My time in the company of such people, but I have no desire to spend My time in the company of the usual man or woman. The function of the community of My devotees in the world is to make Satsang with Me available, but the function of those within the community is to make Satsang possible, to make room for it. The only way you will make room for Satsang with Me is for this understanding to begin in you, for this obsessiveness to begin to fall apart, for the Guru to become of value and to have a real function.

Secretly, many Spiritual groups desire the death of the Guru so that they can carry on in a superficial way. But the living Guru has the capability to confound and offend his or her own community. I move only where there is fire. If it is not present in the world, I cannot remain in the world. The Sadhana of this Body-Mind is finished. My only connection here is to My devotees. If the fire of the devotee is present, then My Function remains active. If that fire dies, this One goes.

If you were not here in Satsang with Me, what would you be doing? What is the alternative? What is on television tonight? What could you possibly do? There is nothing for you to do except to Perfect this Enjoyment by Realizing Me, so I expect My devotees to be absolutely committed to it, to be floating in the world, to be unattached to their personal positions, so that they are free to come and be with Me or to go and do what I ask them to do. The community should be continuously active, endlessly moving, always alive. Satsang with Me should be continuous with it, and everyone should always be serving it. Such individuals are always Happy. They do not even notice it when they die. Everyone else is always waiting for death, they are always holding on to something, and they are very much aware of each breath. They hold on to it. You must remain in Satsang with Me to create a place for it, to enable this process to go on all day long. Then you will become free of the usual entertainment, occupations, and distractions. It does not mean that the community of My devotees will not be present in the world. My devotees very definitely will be present in the world. But this fire of which I speak will be constant. If this fire is created, something absolutely unique in the Western world will have been done. The fire of the Spiritual manifestation will have been brought into this time and place.

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