Reminiscences of Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 1972
told by Wes Vaught and Aniello Panico

Avatar Adi Da with Wes Vaught, 1972

Around this time, in June 1972, Beloved Adi Da was sitting in lengthy silent Darshans with us three times a week. I was learning to trust the process of love-surrender into the Blissful Unknown in His Company. I was so in love with Him.

On this evening, He showed up at the Melrose Ashram wearing a dashing outfit, with Italian shoes and a very handsome blazer and ascot. It was the first time we had seen Him dressed this way. He was going up to Monterey to spend the week with some devotees. As He was leaving, we embraced and I whispered in His Ear, “Knock 'em dead!”.

This photo was snapped a moment later as we gazed at one another with the understanding that the Guru’s Attractiveness and the devotee’s love-surrender absorbs all destiny in the "Bright" Humor of God!---Wes Vaught

Avatar Adi Da writing, 1972


In the early months of my relationship to Avatar Adi Da, after I became His devotee, I started to teach a course on The Knee Of Listening. I consider myself extremely fortunate--Beloved Adi Da spent many, many hours helping me prepare for the course, going over each paragraph in the book and explaining in more detail what He meant, what the import of the book was.

Also, before its first publication, Adi Da and I spent many hours discussing the layout and design of The Knee of Listening.---Aniello Panico

Avatar Adi Da Samraj with AnielloThe original cover of The Knee of Listening

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