Understanding, A Talk by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Given April 25, 1972

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1972 On April 25, 1972, the date of this Talk, the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, formally invited people to approach Him for the first time at His Ashram in Los Angeles. Thus, it was on this date that His Work as Divine World-Teacher truly began. Before this time, previous to the establishment of His Ashram, He had Taught only a few individuals who had begun to respond to Him as Teacher. In addition to marking the inception of His open Spiritual availability to all who are moved to respond to His Wisdom, His Grace, and His Person, the occasion of this Talk also marked the moment when Avatar Adi Da's devotees formally began to acknowledge and to relate to Him as Sat-Guru.

In this first Talk, Avatar Adi Da described the process of understanding that had been one of the fundamental discoveries of His own life, and that is the necessary foundation upon which Satsang, or the relationship to Him as Sat-Guru, must be built. In the thousands of hours of Discourse and the many volumes of Written Instruction that have ensued since this Talk was given, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has underscored and reiterated the Call to understanding that He makes here.

Since April 25, 1972, Adi Da Samraj has been involved in a progressive and open Communication and Demonstration of the Way of Truth, the Way of the Siddhas, or Realized Ones, who come in the forms and activities of Real God. Both His Communication and His Demonstration of the Way of the Siddhas has been unparalleled in its vigor, its comprehensiveness, and its purity. The seminal Discourse He gave on this night is thus the cornerstone of a consummate Revelation of Spiritual Instruction and Blessing.

As was His custom at that time, Avatar Adi Da first sat with His devotees in silence for perhaps an hour, Transmitting the Sublimity of His own Heart-Realization to them. Such was the mood and appearance of His Spiritual Activity during the earliest days of His Work. Then He Spoke.

* * *

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Are there any questions?

No one replied, so Avatar Adi Da Samraj spoke again.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everyone has understood?

QUESTIONER: I have not understood. Explain it to me.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Very good. What have you not understood?

QUESTIONER: Well, you said, "Did everybody understand?" and everyone seemed to understand but me. Would you explain it to me?


QUESTIONER: Well, you could start with the word "understanding".

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. There is a disturbance, a feeling of dissatisfaction, some sensation that motivates a person to go to a teacher, read a book about philosophy, believe something, or do some conventional form of Yoga. What people ordinarily think of as Spirituality or religion is a search to get free of that sensation, that suffering that is motivating them. So all the usual paths--Yogic methods, beliefs, religion, and so on--are forms of seeking, grown out of this sensation, this subtle suffering. Ultimately, all the usual paths are attempting to get free of that sensation. That is the traditional goal. Indeed, all human beings are seeking, whether or not they are very sophisticated about it, or using very specific methods of Yoga, philosophy, religion, and so on.

When that entire process of seeking begins to break down, one no longer quite has the edge of one's search left. One begins to suspect oneself. One begins to doubt the entire process of one's search. Then one is no longer fascinated with one's search, one's method, one's Yoga, one's religion, one's ordinary teacher. One's attention begins to turn to this sensation that motivates one's entire search.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1972When one begins to re-cognize, consciously to know again, that subtle motivation, this is what I call "understanding". When one begins to see again the subtle forms of one's own action, which are one's suffering, that re-cognition is "understanding". When this becomes absolute, most perfect, when there is utterly, absolutely, no dilemma, no form in the living consciousness to interpret existence, when there is no contraction, no fundamental suffering, no thing apart from Consciousness Itself, this is what I call "'radical' understanding". It is only Enjoyment.

The traditions variously refer to the Ultimate Enjoyment as the "Self", the "Heart", "God-Union", "Satori", "Nirvana", "Heaven", and so on--but It is simply Consciousness Itself. There is no thing apart from Consciousness Itself. You are not some piece of Divinity seated inside the body, which somehow must get released from the body and go back to its Spiritual Home and Source. There is no such entity. The Home and Source is also the Very Nature of the "entity". There is Consciousness Itself, and the apparent entity is within Consciousness Itself. When Consciousness Itself Enjoys Its own State, or Real Nature, even in the midst of conditions, even where there is life, that is most perfect "understanding". When, no matter what event appears, there is only the Enjoyment of Consciousness Itself, not transformed or modified by events, when no implication arises on the basis of events to seem to change the Nature of Consciousness Itself, that is most perfect "meditation". When there is the Most Perfect Enjoyment of Consciousness Itself, that is "Liberation". All of that is "understanding".

There is a subtle contraction in the process called "Man", and it seems to change the quality of Consciousness Itself. The contraction itself "creates" (or seems to imply) the identification of Consciousness Itself with the contracted sense--that form, that body, that mentality. And in that act of identification, that form, that body, that mentality, differentiates itself from other forms, other bodies, other minds--other beings (or selves). Then the rest of life is spent, through exploitation of the movement of desire, attempting to overcome that "creation". Through the movement that is desire, people seek constantly to "create" a connection, a flow of life-force, between the contracted identity and everything from which it has differentiated itself. The usual Yoga, religion, Spirituality, philosophy, all your strategies, even your simple psychological strategies, your lifestyles, have this same form. They are all attempts to release life-energy between this contracted, separated one and all from which it is differentiated. Thus, all ordinary activity is founded in this dilemma, this self-"created" contraction.

Traditional Spiritual life is a search in this same form. There is dilemma, and there is the Spiritual method, which is an attempt to overcome this dilemma. When the individual begins to see again the dilemma that motivates his or her strategic method, that seeing is understanding. As long as the individual is simply seeking, and has all kinds of motivation, fascination with the search, this is not understanding--this is dilemma itself. But where this dilemma is understood, there is the re-cognition of a structure in the living consciousness, a separation. And when that separation is observed more and more directly, one begins to see that what one is suffering is not something happening to one but it is one's own action. It is as if you are pinching yourself, without being aware of it. You are "creating" a subtle pain, and, worse than the pain, a continuous modification, which is "mind", which the living consciousness identifies as itself. The more one observes this, the more one's search is abandoned, spontaneously, intelligently. One simply sees one's motivation, one's actual suffering. One can only live that suffering. It does not move, until conscious life becomes a crisis. Then one sees that the entire motivation of life is based on a subtle activity in the living consciousness. That activity is avoidance, separation, a contraction at the root, the origin, the "place", of the living consciousness.

In the beginning of this crisis, one only observes the contraction as a sensation, as a sense of dilemma, as a search. But the more directly one observes it, the more clearly one recognizes the action itself. At first, one sees the avoidance, the strategy, the life-technique. Then one begins to observe this activity in terms of what it is excluding, what it prevents, what is always being eliminated from the living consciousness and the lifetime of consciousness. That which is always excluded is the condition of relationship.

Ordinarily, one is unaware of relationship, as relationship. One only lives the drama of separation. But when one becomes directly aware of this contraction, this separation, this subtle form, one observes or enjoys relationship as that condition which is always already the case. Relationship is always already the condition of the living consciousness. When this contraction is observed perfectly, "radically", there is only relationship, and no obstruction. Then, spontaneously, it is also Most Perfect Awareness. That Most Perfect Awareness is called the "Heart", the "Real", What always already is the case.

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