An Overview of the Seven Stages of Life

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Stage Two—Socialization: Between the ages of five and eight years one begins to become aware of the emotional dimension of existence—how one feels and how others respond emotionally becomes of great importance. This is the beginning of the second stage of life, the stage of social adaptation and all that goes with it—a growing sense of sexual differentiation, awareness of the effects of one’s actions on others, a testing of whether one is loved. Adi Da points out that in the second stage of life children are naturally psychic and sensitive to etheric energy and should be encouraged to feel that “you are more than what you look like“, for the sake of their future Spiritual growth. With the arising of greater emotional sensitivity, there is also the tendency to become locked in patterns of feeling rejected by others, and rejecting or punishing others for their presumed un-love. The drama of rejecting and feeling rejected is the primary sign of incomplete adaptation in the second stage of life.