Development of the Great Tradition Collections

"It is in this unique moment in history, when all traditions and all propositions are equally visible (due to a worldwide communicativeness that is making all provincialism obsolete), that one must consider the apparent differences among traditions with a new kind of wide intelligence. And My Work is devoted, in part, to providing the critical means for understanding and transcending these differences, so that the mass of traditions may rightly be comprehended as a single dynamic Great Tradition."
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Adidam Library brings together, for the first time, a guided comprehensive summary of the wisdom traditions of humankind. These traditions of truly human culture, practical self-discipline, perennial religion, universal religious mysticism, esoteric (but now openly communicated) Spirituality, and Transcendental Wisdom have historically developed separated from one another by geography, historical time, language, and cultural boundaries. Thus, prior to the very recent past, it has never been possible to recognize the separate traditions as a single Great Tradition. However, in the last half of the twentieth century, these separate traditions have been “thrown together” by worldwide systems of rapid travel and communication. All traditions have been confronted both by the many apparent differences between them, and by the new worldwide “tradition” of Western and Westernizing secular culture.

The opportunity to recognize, consider, and truly inherit the Great Tradition, however, does not exist merely because books have been published on many aspects of the wisdom traditions—from historical analysis to esoteric doctrines. The quantity and complex variety of propositions and points of view available to us are, without guidance, a truly a chaotic mass of ideas, and additionally, the wisdom traditions themselves are marginalized by the pervasive culture of scientific materialism.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has addressed this dilemma through the creation of the Great Tradition collections of the Adidam Library, and the “Source-Text” of His Wisdom-Teaching entitled The Basket Of Tolerance—The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse, Book Seventeen: The Perfect Guide To Perfectly Unified Understanding Of The One and Great Tradition Of Mankind, and Of The Divine Way Of Adidam As The Perfect Completing Of The One and Great Tradition Of Mankind, which contains an annotated bibliography of the Adidam Library collection also named “The Basket Of Tolerance”.

Avatar Adi Da has Himself personally reviewed hundreds of thousands of books (and other materials such as films and periodicals) and included in the library collections only the most essential of these titles. He has further taken the titles and arranged them into three principal summary collections (respectively containing 1,000 titles, 5,000 titles, and 15,000 titles), each of which is ordered as a progressive “Grand Argument”, from first book to last, to Reveal a unified understanding of the One and Great Tradition of Mankind.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has worked for more than twenty-five years in the development of the Adidam Library, however He has, from the start, worked from the unique “Point of View” that inherently Recognizes all of the experiences, philosophies, and paths of mankind as partial expressions of a unified process of growth and realization. Thus, the Adidam Library neither presents a synthesis of the wisdom traditions of mankind, nor does it view each wisdom tradition itself as merely a variation of a universal process, as in “all roads lead to Rome”. Rather, the Adidam Library offers an unique organization of the traditions that allows one to compare and contrast the differences between the traditions and to see similarities beyond cultural and historical archetypes. Yet, through this organization, it also allows one to inherently recognize the propositions of the traditions as a single, hierarchical process.

The organizing principle of each of the Adidam Library collections is Avatar Adi Da’s “seven stages of life” schema. Thus, the Adidam Library is not merely a repository of traditional lore. A student of the Great Tradition is actually guided in his or her study by the organization of the Adidam Library’s collections. Additionally, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has made extensive commentary on the Great Tradition, and this commentary provides essential clarification and Guidance. And the Way of life Given by Avatar Adi Da, Adidam, is itself a most explicit Revelation of not only all of the details of every aspect of the true wisdom traditions, but also Reveals the unique process of the seventh stage of life available to Avatar Adi Da’s devotees. Thus, the published literature of Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom-Teaching itself provides the Completing and Fulfilling Revelation of the Great Tradition.

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