The Basket Of Tolerance

Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s work with the Great Tradition has not only resulted in the development of the Adidam Library, but has also corresponded with the development of the unique annotated bibliographies of the library collections. Avatar Adi Da has organized each bibliography to represent the specific order of the corresponding library collection, which displays the “Grand Argument” of the Great Tradition.

Avatar Adi Da’s principal Work of this kind is: The Basket Of Tolerance—The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse, Book Seventeen: The Perfect Guide To Perfectly Unified Understanding Of The One and Great Tradition Of Mankind, and Of The Divine Way Of Adidam As The Perfect Completing Of The One and Great Tradition Of Mankind.

This Work is the summary bibliography of the “Grand Argument” of the Great Tradition, representing the central Great Tradition collection of the Adidam Library (similarly named “The Basket Of Tolerance Collection”), and it contains an extensive collection of Avatar Adi Da’s Essays and Commentaries on the Great Tradition. As one of Avatar Adi Da’s twenty-three “Source-Texts”, The Basket Of Tolerance will be published as a means to make widely available an education in the Great Tradition, the unique opportunity for individuals to grow in their own understanding and tolerance, and the promotion of understanding and tolerance of others.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has pointed out that one of the important aspects of the Work of the Great Adept-Realizers is the teaching of tolerance. He has said:

The teaching of tolerance is a basic function of Adepts—historically you can see that, even with recent Adepts. Shirdi Sai Baba (? - 1918), for instance, appeared in a circumstance where there was a great deal of conflict between Muslims and Hindus in India, so his particular signs and manner and so forth were an attempt to generate tolerance between those factions and awaken them all to an ultimately single path that even transcends particular religions.

Generally, Adepts have always functioned in a local sense. In other words, they’ve appeared in a particular time and place before the world was in a global state of intercommunication—which is a phenomenon more or less of the twentieth century. So previous Adepts have arisen in a particular time and place and there were a number of features of the Great Tradition there, and these Adepts tried to generate a tolerant, and ultimately a single view relative to those features.

My particular Work appearing in the time and place in which I Appear is to do that same kind of thing that has historically been done by other Adepts, but I’m doing it in a time and place where humanity is in a state of global intercommunication. For the first time, all traditions are coming in contact with one another, not just in a local place. I’m communicating in a global context of mankind. I’m speaking to the Great Tradition of all possible experiences, orientations, and so on—even to all future humanity, therefore.