The Basket Of Tolerance

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The Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance offer the means for a new form of education. Avatar Adi Da Samraj has written:

The education in which people are generally and typically involved all over the world is ego-reinforcing, ego-based, ego-serving. For this reason the world is mad—and for no other reason whatsoever. . . . Therefore what is necessary at this moment, as in any moment in the past, is a new form of human education. . . . Such education does not bring an end to science or technology or philosophy. Rather, it gives them their true base. It releases human enterprise from the false and chaotic views of idealism and realism and places it into the domain of Transcendental Freedom and true creativity.

This new form of education offered in The Basket Of Tolerance and through the Adidam Library is possible and necessary because, through intercommunication, we have become a “global culture”. On this basis, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has stressed:

Human beings don’t have the right or even the obligation to presume a provincial point of view, a nationalistic point of view, a separate cultural point of view, a separate religious point of view, and so forth. There is an obligation at this point in human history to consider the totality of experience—with no racial barriers, cultural barriers, none of that. It is all one world.

It doesn’t mean that everybody is therefore supposed to be only practicing the Way of Adidam. It would be nice if as many who can did. But it also doesn’t mean that everybody is supposed to be practicing just one kind of a thing, or a sort of synthetic world religion, or that there’s supposed to be just one political entity. That’s civilization’s business. In the real terms of human existence there’s still particularity at the level of the individual, at the level of the local situation, at the level of local history, and so forth. So there will continue to be those differences. And those differences are even on some level, good. They keep things alive. They keep things dynamic.

But on the other hand, every participant in human existence at the present time should be conversant with all human past—all dimensions of it and the totally of its expression. So truly everyone must should be a student of the Great Tradition. And it would also be good if they studied My Wisdom-Teaching about the Great Tradition so that they could come to a right understanding of it and then practice in the context of their own tradition—no longer provincial, no longer negative fundamentalists, hopefully. They’ll be negative fundamentalists for a long time probably, but that’s a kind of human error, an unfortunate consequence of the provincializing of human study, human education, human experience, human politics, even. And those kinds of barriers must be undone through a total education and a serious consideration of all possibilities.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Supreme Master of the Great Tradition, and the Way He has Given, Adidam, is the Perfect Completing of the Great Tradition. Adidam makes available to all the only opportunity to directly practice the Way which fulfills the “Grand Argument” of the Great Tradition.

However, Avatar Adi Da’s previous statement should make clear that the Gifts of the Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance are not only for those who presently practice the Way of Adidam. The Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance have been created to make available Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom and Guidance to all, even such that each tradition and each individual, whatever his or her tradition, may benefit and grow from this new form of education. Everyone should have the opportunity to study the Great Tradition and be inspired beyond the philosophy of scientific materialism to acknowledge and embrace a truly religious and Spiritual life. And everyone should have the opportunity to view his or her own tradition with greater clarity and understanding, and should grow beyond the “narrow-look” of religious provincialism. And from this growth, everyone should have the means to promote and tolerantly serve this growth in others.

The Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance are no less than Avatar Adi Da’s Gift of this opportunity to all.

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