The Basket Of Tolerance

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Equally tainted with intolerance and confusion is the “Western” secular materialistic “culture”, which, like a negative fundamentalist religious sect, considers only its own point of view (or “lifestyle”) worthy of respect—in this case, dismissing the wisdom traditions of religion and Spirituality. Avatar Adi Da has commented on how both these religious and secular trends are symptoms of what He terms “information poverty”:

In times like this, atheism, agnosticism, sectarianism, and fundamentalism are the same. They are stances that tend to be created as religions when people are in information poverty regarding religion and Spirituality. These four qualities are signs of information poverty, and they need to be undone in the world. The information-poor are suffering, and in their suffering they are threatening to others.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has developed the Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance to give men and women a genuine education that allows them to truly inherit great wisdom, and grow beyond the “illiteracy” that supports intolerance and confusion. Through the Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance, Avatar Adi Da first communicates the very possibility of a Spiritual alternative to the more and more secular world—a world that has been unable to use its rightful inheritance of the Great Tradition. Beyond this, the Adidam Library and The Basket Of Tolerance provide a way to understand all human experience in perspective of the “Grand Argument” of the Great Tradition, which fully embraces the greatest possibilities of understanding, tolerance, and Realization.