The Basket Of Tolerance

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The “consideration” of true tolerance found in The Basket Of Tolerance does not assume that the different traditions, scriptures, or Realizers gathered together are actually somehow saying the same thing, or even pointing to the same presumed reality. In fact, the often disparate perceptions, conceptions, and presumptions of the separate traditions cannot be somehow blended together into one single “tradition” or point of view. Thus, the true practice of tolerance does not come about through altering one’s view to believe or presume that, underneath it all, every tradition is really just trying to say the same thing. Rather, the true practice of tolerance comes as a natural and spontaneous expression of recognizing the “Grand Argument” of the Great Tradition against any provincial, or merely local, or temporary, point of view, even (and especially) one’s own.

The “consideration” of the Great Tradition necessarily involves the “consideration” of tolerance. The “religious arena” of primal ideas and traditions could be said to be the root domain of intolerance. The numerous doctrines, coming from all the provinces of the earth, have always been used by individuals and cultures to justify their “absolute” differences, and have been the basis of countless wars and condemnations.

With the rise of global intercommunication, and with each tradition confronting the differing points of view of other traditions and the prevailing secular culture of scientific materialism, the negative fundamentalist strands of every type of religion are re-emerging, growing, and even being given credibility as substantial or dominant voices within their traditions. In these negative fundamentalist views, only one’s own particular “brand” of practice and doctrine is worthy of respect, and all others are condemned.