Great Tradition

The Adidam Library serves, organizes, and provides access to comprehensive, summary collections of the literature of the “Great Tradition”, which is the singlular term Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj has used to refer to the world’s traditions of “truly human culture, practical self-discipline, perennial religion, universal religious mysticism, esoteric (but now openly communicated) Spirituality, and Transcendental Wisdom”. The Great Tradition includes not only historical traditions, but contemporary traditions such as modern science that propose or suggest a comprehensive worldview.

This site features online access to the Adidam Library's Great Tradition resources and information. An overview of the Adidam Library's approach to collecting and organizing Great Tradition resources provides useful background on the history of the library, as well as its charter to provide a new and unique approach to study and tolerance.

The seven stages of life are Avatar Adi Da Samraj's distinctive and illuminating description of the structure of human experience that fully accounts for the total potential and process of human growth. The seven stages of life provide the framework for the organization of the library's Great Tradition collections.

The Adidam Library, in association with the Dawn Horse Press and Adidam Emporium, also serves the development and distribution of Great Tradition publications. Providing global access to Great Tradition resources is an essential charter of the library, and help provides a foundation for research and scholarship in the Great Tradition.

This site also features online access to the Adidam Library's Great Tradition media collections of documentary photographs, audio and video recordings, as well as contemporary movies illustrative of the Great Tradition.

The Adidam Library's Great Tradition reference collections of bibliographies, indexes, subject guides, glossaries, and other materials are also made accessible online through this site.