The Scope of the Collections

The Adidam Library’s Great Tradition collection has been developed through extensive research of English language (and some non-English language) materials throughout the world.

The Adidam Library collections include the finest gathering of esoteric Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine literature anywhere in the world. The library collections include the most extensive gathering of English language publications by or about nineteenth- and twentieth-century Realizers collected from ashrams and monasteries around the world–unfortunately, many of these organizations are now otherwise extinct. Additionally, the Adidam Library has gathered films, audio recordings, and photographs from these ashrams and monasteries.

Avatar Adi Da has always worked to gather only the most essential materials for the Great Tradition collections. Although He has personally reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents, and the librarians, trained by Avatar Adi Da, have reviewed an additional hundred thousand documents, the largest collection of the library (the Seven Schools List) is only approximately 15,000 volumes. Additionally, often small pamphlets (or otherwise brief documents) have been selected such that an essential point can be garnered in a most succinct manner. (However, documents on the scale of encyclopedias are not excluded).