The Adidam Library was originally established during the first years of Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching Work in the early 1970s. The library collection was developed initially to provide access to Avatar Adi Da’s Writings and to a selection of Great Tradition literature. Its major development was then associated with Avatar Adi Da’s unique work with the Great Tradition, which inspired a worldwide effort to collect and preserve important and unique religious literature.

The Adidam Library now houses the world’s foremost collection of esoteric Spiritual literature from the Great Tradition, and, with the neighboring Adidam Archives, houses the most comprehensive collection of Adidam literature.

Since 1974, the Adidam Library has been developed principally in Northern California at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary of Adidam. The Library today includes more than 50,000 volumes with major archival collections (of Adidam and Great Tradition materials) in both Northern California and Fiji.

The Northern California Library is housed in the Bright Behind Me Temple complex where it is served as both an archival and a sacred resource from which all may someday benefit. Because this collection is not open for public access, branch libraries have been established around the world with the goal of making Adidam and Great Tradition literature publicly accessible everywhere. See Locations for a listing of the Libraries worldwide.

The library collections are cataloged using the Adidam Library’s unique cataloging system originally developed to track and record Avatar Adi Da’s work with Great Tradition materials. This catalog will be made accessible both through each Adidam Library branch, and through this site. Members and guests of this site will be able to access the catalog to manage their own personal Adidam and Great Tradition library collections. Additionally, the Adidam Library staff is working to interconnect this catalog with other libraries so that Adidam and Great Tradition resources can be accessed in locations distant from Adidam Library branches.

The library staff includes librarians, researchers, and educators trained under Avatar Adi Da’s Guidance to personally participate, and to serve others, in the direct and extraordinary wisdom provided by The Basket Of Tolerance and the framework of the seven stages of life schema.

The Library staff participates in activities directly related to Avatar Adi Da’s unique work with the Great Tradition, and also in outreach activities including guided tours of the collections, research assistance, educational lectures and writing, and training others in the unique and sacred approaches to serving the library. The Library staff also works closely with the Adidam Archives and Adidam Art Department in joint efforts to serve the archival and sacred preservation of the collections.