Capitalization and Punctuation in the “Source-Texts” of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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Punctuation. Because of the inevitable complexity of much of His Communication, Avatar Adi Da has developed the conventions of punctuation (commas, dashes, and parentheses) to an extraordinary degree. This allows Him to clearly articulate complex sentences in such a way that His intended meaning can be expressed with utmost precision—free of vagueness, ambiguity, or unclarity. Many of His sentences contain parenthetical definitions or modifying phrases as a way of achieving unmistakable clarity of meaning. For example:

The Apparently individual (or Separate) self Is Not a “spark“ (or an Eternal fraction) Of Self-Radiant Divinity, and Somehow Complete (or Whole) In itself. [Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light]

Another punctuation convention relates to the use of quotation marks. Avatar Adi Da sometimes uses quotation marks in accordance with standard convention, to indicate the sense of “so to speak”:

Make the contact with Me that gets you to “stick” to Me like glue.

Your “sticking” to Me is what must happen. [Hridaya Rosary]

In other instances, He uses quotation marks to indicate that a word or phrase is being used with a particular technical meaning that differs from common usage:

During all of My present Lifetime (of Avataric Divine Incarnation), the “Bright” has always been My Realization—and the “Thumbs” and My own “Radical” Understanding have always been My Way in the “Bright”.

“Bright”, “Thumbs” (referring to a specific form of the Infusion of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Spirit-Current in the body-mind), and “Radical” are all used with specific technical meanings here (as defined in the Glossary).

Finally, Avatar Adi Da also makes extensive use of underlining to indicate special emphasis on certain words (or phrases, or even entire sentences):

The only true religion is the religion that Realizes Truth. The only true science is the science that Knows Truth. The only true man or woman (or being of any kind) is one that Surrenders to Truth. The only true world is one that Embodies Truth. And the only True (and Real) God Is the One Reality (or Condition of Being) That Is Truth. [“Do Not Misunderstand Me”]