Capitalization and Punctuation in the “Source-Texts” of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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Capitalization. Avatar Adi Da frequently capitalizes words that would not ordinarily be capitalized in English—and such capitalized words include not only nouns, but also pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and even articles and prepositions. By such capitalization, He is indicating that the word refers (either inherently, or by virtue of the context) to the Unconditional Divine Reality, rather than the conditional (or worldly) reality. For example:

If there is no escape from (or no Way out of) the corner (or the “centered” trap) of ego-“I”—the heart goes mad, and the body-mind becomes more and more “dark” (bereft of the Indivisible and Inherently Free Light of the Self-Evident, and Self-Evidently Divine, Love-Bliss That Is Reality Itself). [“Do Not Misunderstand Me”]

Avatar Adi Da's chosen conventions of capitalization vary in different “Source-Texts” and in different sections of a given “Source-Text”. In certain “Source-Texts” (notably The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar, The Heart Of The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar, and the various Parts of the other “Source-Texts” that are excerpted from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar), Avatar Adi Da employs a highly unusual convention of capitalization, in which the overwhelming majority of all words are capitalized, and only those words that indicate the egoic (or dualistic) point of view are left lower-cased.

This capitalization convention (which Avatar Adi Da has worked out to an extraordinarily subtle degree—in ways that are often startling) is in itself a Teaching device, intended to communicate His fundamental Revelation that “There Is Only Real God”, and that only the ego (or the dualistic or separative point of view) prevents us from living and Realizing that Truth. For example:

Therefore, For My Every Devotee, all conditions Must Be Aligned and Yielded In Love With Me--or Else any object or any other Will Be The Cause Of Heart-Stress, self-Contraction, Dissociation, Clinging, Boredom, Doubt, The Progressive Discomfort Of Diminished Love-Bliss, and All The Forgetfulness Of Grace and Truth and Happiness Itself. [Ruchira Avatara Hridaya-Tantra Yoga]

Note that “and” and “or” are lower-cased—because these conjunctions are (here, and in most contexts) primal expressions of the point of view of duality. Also note that “all conditions”, “any object”, “any other”, and “self-” are lower-cased, while “Heart-Stress”, “Contraction”, “Dissociation”, “Clinging,” “Boredom”, “Doubt”, “Discomfort”, “Diminished”, and “Forgetfulness” are capitalized. Avatar Adi Da is telling us that unpleasant or apparently “negative” states are not inherently egoic. It is only the presumption of duality and separateness—as expressed by such words as “conditions”, “object”, “other”, and “self”—that is egoic.