Truth for Real Series

Truth for Real Series

This series of booklets include seminal Talks and Essays by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Titles include:

The Dual Sensitivity at the Origin of The Divine Way Of Adidam (The Reality of Death and the Impulse to Happiness)

Space-Time Is Love-Bliss (The False and Ego-Made Doctrine of “Matter-Only”

The Unique Potential of Man Is the Progress of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence (The Human Struggle With the Knowledge of Death)

Beyond the Cultic Tendency in Religion and Spirituality, and in Secular Society (The Error of Cultism)

The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion to the Adept-Realizer (The Necessity of the Guru)

A Call to Freedom of Choice in Religion and in Sexual Practice (The Practice of Public Tolerance, Respect, and Love in Democratic Societies)

Sex, Laughter, and Real-God-Realization (Allowing Ecstasy to Appear)

I Call you to Go Beyond the “Oedipal” Sufferings of Childhood (Transcending the Loveless Destiny of the Ego-“I”)

Feel Love's Wound (Overcoming the Ritual of Rejection)

Cooperative, Human-Scale Community and the Integrity (Religious, and Altogether) of Civilization (The Necessity of True Community)

The Alpha Strategy and the Omega Strategy (The East-West Split In the Disposition of Humankind)

There Is Only Real God (The True Relationship Between the “Soul” and God)

My Call for the Universal Restoration of the Sacred (or Central) Domain of Human Life (The New—and Necessary—Paradigm for Human Culture)