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What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy

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As with each of the twenty-three Divine "Source-Texts" of Adidam, What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy begins with Avatar Adi Da Samraj's First Word, "Do Not Misunderstand Me-I Am Not 'Within' you, but you Are In Me, and I Am Not a Mere 'Man' in the 'Middle' of Mankind, but All of Mankind Is Surrounded, and Pervaded, and Blessed By Me". In this remarkable Essay, Avatar Adi Da Explains that His open Confession of Most Perfect Real-God-Realization is not to be misapprehended as a claim of the "Status" of the "Creator"-God of conventional religious belief-but, rather, His Divine Self-Confession must be understood and appreciated as a Free Demonstration of What is Realized in the Perfect Fulfillment of esoteric Spiritual practice, Which is the Most Perfectly Non-Dual Realization of Reality Itself. By virtue of His Free Demonstration, Avatar Adi Da Samraj makes clear that Most Perfect Real-God-Realization is the ultimate Potential and Destiny of all beings.

The Prologue to What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy, "My Divine Disclosure" (also found in all twenty-three "Source-Texts"), is a poetic epitome of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Avataric Divine Self-Revelation and His Call to all beings to turn to Him at heart and practice the life of devotional self-surrender in Real God.

Part One, "Remember The Mystery In Which you Live", is Avatar Adi Da Samraj's reply to a question asked by a young boy about how to deal with his habit of being angry with others.

Part Two, the principal part of this "Source-Text", is cast in the form of an illustrated conversation between Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His any young devotee. It is designed to be read aloud again and again. Although written in language readily accessible to children, Avatar Adi Da has said that His Instruction in Part Two is addressed to adults as much as to children. (Part Two is also published separately as a special edition for children, with extraordinarily beautiful and imaginative illustrations: see p. xxx [booklist]