An Excerpt from What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy

Part One: Remember The Mystery In Which you Live

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

If only you will always Remember Who and What you must Remember to be Happy, you will forget to be fearful, sorrowful, and angry.

You are all the time tending to remember what you have to remember in order to be fearful, sorrowful, and angry. Instead, you must Remember Me.

You must, by Remembering Me, “Locate” the Mystery of Love-Bliss-Radiance in Which you exist. And, Thus—by constantly re-“Locating” the True Mystery of My Always Already Love-Bliss-Being—you must remember to love. You must do love. You must practice ego-transcending love of one and all and All.

As My devotee, you must not merely wait for love to “happen” from you. You must practice loving one and all and All. You must communicate love to one and all and All. You must say and do “I love you” to one and all and All. You must do the things that are full of the feeling of love for one and all and All. You see? And, as My devotee, you may sometimes have to say something to somebody about something that he or she is doing that is not very good—but, what you say to that person will not be the same as self-righteousness. You will say what you must say to that person—because you love that one (and all, and All). And, when you tell that person what you must say, you will even look and sound your love for that person.

There are even very bad people, sometimes. You probably have not met any really bad people lately. But even the really bad ones are alive in the same world as you. They are happening in Reality and in the real world—just like you. They have some things to learn—but you cannot teach them without loving them. You cannot teach anybody anything without being Happy with that very one. And you cannot be Happy with anybody else unless you are Happy.

As My devotee, you must not merely wait for others to do something to make you Happy. If you choose to wait for Happiness, you will only wait forever—in your always already and self-appointed un-Happiness (at wait). Instead, you must be Happy—in Me. Then you are living in My Open Field of Heart, That Breathes other people into Happiness, too.