An Overview of
The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man

by The Adidam Writer’s Guild

In The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man is Avatar Adi Da's remarkably penetrating examination of the deepest roots of human culture. In this book, He pinpoints, with exhilarating precision, the nature of the fundamental "split" between East and West, and then Reveals the Way of Truth beyond that cultural split.

Avatar Adi Da shows that the East and the West have each "chosen" a fundamental allegiance to one dimension of Reality. In their respective dispositions, the East has "chosen" Unconditional Reality (the Divine Self-conceived as ultimately Independent from conditional "self" and conditional "world"), whereas the West has "chosen" conditional reality (conditional "self" and conditional "world"-conceived, in religious language, as emanations of, or gifts from, the Divine Self, or, in scientific language, as the only "real" phenomena). Thus, there is a fundamental "war" between East and West. And, in current time, the West is generally regarded as having "won" that "war".

In the course of His examination, Avatar Adi Da Reveals that the cultural struggle between the philosophical/religious dispositions of East and West is a reflection, on the global scale, of the fundamental split (or dualism) in the human psyche-the presumed split between "self" and "world", or "ego" and "objective reality", or "inside" and "outside". The Eastern "preference" for Unconditional Reality is an allegiance to "self"/"ego"/"inside", while the Western "preference" for conditional reality is an allegiance to "world"/"objective reality"/"outside". This book is Avatar Adi Da's passionate Argument for (and Offering of) a "truly human new world-culture" that goes beyond this dualism. He is telling us that we can never be "truly human" if we persist in basing our lives on a "choice" for either the Unconditional or the conditional, for either "self" or "world"-because a truly human life involves full participation in both dimensions of Reality. And Avatar Adi Da is Offering Himself as the "Unbroken Real-God-Man"-the humanly manifested Appearance of Real God, Who Shows the Way that utterly transcends the humanly presumed "break" between the Unconditional and the conditional, between "self" and "world".