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An Overview of
The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man

(part 4 of 4)

The Alpha Strategy Is Based On The Tendency To Identify With The Most Prior (Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Divine) Reality, or Condition, Exclusively (or In A Manner That Suppresses, or, Otherwise, Strategically Excludes, conditional Reality). And The Omega Strategy Is Based On The Tendency To Identify With conditional Reality Exclusively (or In A Manner That Suppresses, or, Otherwise, Strategically Excludes, The Unconditional, Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and, Necessarily, Divine Reality).

Avatar Adi Da describes how these two opposing strategies form the basis of the quite distinct traditional cultures of East and West, and He indicates that it is necessary to understand these differences for true human healing and growth:

These Two Strategic points of view Are Apparently In Conflict With one another-and, Indeed, Historically This Has Been The Case. That Conflict Is Itself One Of The Principal conditional Signs Of human Struggle Within The Context Of conditional Nature. Thus, Early human History (and, Indeed, The Entire History Of The Total Great Tradition Of Mankind, Previous To My Avataric Divine Appearance here) Developed On The Basis Of A Dichotomy (or Split) In The Disposition Of Man, Based On The Two Natural functional Divisions Of the human brain (and Of the human nervous system). And, On The Basis Of That Split, Mankind Has Developed Along Two Entirely Different Lines (Which May Be Compared and Related To The Frontal and Spinal Lines Of the human body-mind), Almost As If Mankind Were Composed Of Two Separate Species. Therefore, This Dichotomy and These Two Great Lines Of human Development Must Be "Considered" and Understood.

Avatar Adi Da goes on to closely examine the conflict between the alpha and omega strategies, and He describes how the unique Realization (and discipline) of the Way of Adidam, Revealed and Given by His Divine Grace, exceeds all such partial (and, necessarily, limited) views of Reality.

In Part Four, "The Heart-Summary Of Adidam" (a brief Essay that is included in all twenty-three "Source-Texts"), Avatar Adi Da summarizes the profound implications of His Statement that the Way of Adidam is the Way of devotion to Him "As Self-Condition, rather than As exclusively Objective Other".

In "'Avatar' and 'Incarnation': The Complementary God-Man Traditions of East and West", the first of the five Essays of Part Five, Avatar Adi Da explores the relationship between the Eastern and the Western conceptions of the God-Man-the supreme Source of all true culture everywhere. In "The Western Prohibition Against Higher Knowledge and Realization", Avatar Adi Da examines how the "modern" world of scientific and political materialism is rooted in the traditional Western fear of esoteric religious practice and Realization. In "The Esoteric Aspirations of Mankind Are Not a 'Failure of Nerve'" Avatar Adi Da addresses the mistaken presumptions behind academic humanism's exclusive embrace of the exoteric over the esoteric motives of mankind. In "The Fundamental Persuasions That Underlie the Searches of the East and of the West", Avatar Adi Da extends His examination of the characteristic philosophical and religious dispositions of East and West, ultimately Revealing their respective origins in deep intuitions of one or the other of the Fundamental Principles of Existence (conceived as ultimately separate from each other): Consciousness (or the Heart Itself) and Energy (or the Radiance of the Heart). And in "There Is No Face Within The Sky: Secular Science, Conventional God-Religion, and The Non-Objective Self-Revelation of Reality, Truth, and Real God", Avatar Adi Da, with extraordinary force, examines the two naive experiential presumptions (of egoity and "objective reality") that lay at the foundation of both scientific materialism and conventional God-religion.

In Part Six, "Freedom Is The Only Law, and Happiness Is The Only Reality", Avatar Adi Da passionately Calls all to a right understanding of what "love", "freedom", and "happiness" actually mean, and He Calls every one to deeply understand himself or herself and move beyond the false presumptions of the (now vulgarized) omega culture:

Without great Wisdom and great movement Beyond egoity, the individual is (necessarily) ego-bound, separate and separative, and, therefore, self-destructive and other-destructive, deluded by desiring, and suffering self-created bondage. Therefore, human beings must be transformed, and they will not become transformed simply by taking off all the "leashes", or removing all the "governors", and letting themselves run (so-called) "free" to do whatever they please. True freedom is not the political or social ability to do whatever one egoically pleases, but the discriminative and responsive capability to embrace the Condition That Is Freedom Itself.

In His ecstatic Epilogue, "Tat Sundaram!-All Of This Is Sacred, All Of This Is Beautiful! (The Essence of the Message of Adidam and of the One and Entire Great Tradition of Mankind)", Avatar Adi Da Reveals the Truth of Reality, conditional and Unconditional, that lies at the foundation of the non-dual Way of Adidam.

Altogether, The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man is a Divine Prescription for the healing of every heart and the entire world.