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An Overview of
The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man

(part 3 of 4)

As with each of twenty-three "Source-Texts" of Adidam, The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man begins with Avatar Adi Da Samraj's First Word, "Do Not Misunderstand Me-I Am Not 'Within' you, but you Are In Me, and I Am Not a Mere 'Man' in the 'Middle' of Mankind, but All of Mankind Is Surrounded, and Pervaded, and Blessed By Me". In this remarkable Essay, Avatar Adi Da Samraj explains that His open Confession of Most Perfect Real-God-Realization is not to be misapprehended as a claim of the "Status" of the "Creator"-God of conventional religious belief, but, rather, His Divine Self-Confession is to be understood and appreciated as a Free Demonstration of the Fulfillment of esoteric Spiritual practice-a Demonstration of the Most Perfectly Non-Dual Realization of Reality Itself. By virtue of this Free Demonstration, Avatar Adi Da Samraj makes clear that Most Perfect Real-God-Realization (or Divine Self-Realization) is the ultimate Potential and Destiny of all beings.

The Prologue, "My Divine Disclosure" (also, like "First Word", found in all twenty-three "Source-Texts"), is a poetic epitome of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Self-Revelation. It is His Call to every being to turn to Him at heart and practice the life of devotional surrender in Real God.

Avatar Adi Da Reveals in "I Have Come To Found A 'Bright' New Age Of Real-God-Man", Part One of this remarkable Book, that His true devotees are themselves the necessary "Seed" of His world-Transforming Work:

Because and by Means of My "late-time" (Most Perfect and All-Completing) Avataric Incarnation here, My true devotees (now, and forever hereafter) truly recognize Me (and "Know" Me) to Be the One and Divine "Bright" Person, the One and Non-Separate Self-Condition and Source-Condition of All and all, the One and Indivisible and Indestructible Conscious Light That Is the Reality and the Truth of All and all. Therefore, My true devotees will become and be a "Bright" New Human Order, the Seed whereby I will Generate a truly New Age of sanity and Divine Joy for mankind. That New Age will not be the so-called "new age" of the conventionally religious, or the merely scientific, or the cleverly technological, or even the presumed occult and conventionally Spiritual "evolution" of mankind. Rather, it will be the fundamental Great Age of Real existence, wherein life will be Realized in Truth and in Reality, entirely apart from the adventure that was mankind's great search.

In Part Two, "The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of Adidam Is A Divine Revelation To all beings", Avatar Adi Da Reveals that His own Great Ordeal of Divine Self-Realization was a uniquely "Heroic" course of exceptional difficulty. However, by virtue of His Divine Re-Awakening, the Way of Adidam has become possible for all beings:

There Is No Way That Is As Great, or As Direct, or As Complete, or Even As "Easy" As The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way (and ego-Transcending Ordeal) Of The Heart (or The Way Of Adidam). Indeed, The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart (or The Way Of Adidam) Is A Most Perfectly Direct and Inherently Un-Complicated Way, Inherently Free Of self-Generated (and self-Concerned) ego-Effort (Because It Is Entirely Based On To-Me-Responsive Counter-egoic Effort). Therefore, The Right, True, Full, and Complete Practice and (At Last) Most Perfect Fulfillment Of The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of The Heart (or Way Of Adidam) Is Infinitely Simpler and Easier and Quicker Than the ego (By Exercising its own self-"Guruing" Effort) Would Make Of It.

In Part Three, which is the principal Text, "The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man", Avatar Adi Da enters into a profound "Consideration" about the contrasting life-strategies of the East and the West. He names these two life-strategies "alpha" and "omega" respectively: