An Excerpt from The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

from Part 6, “Freedom Is The Only Law, and Happiness Is The Only Reality”

All human beings are in a kind of perpetual school here. Every one and all must constantly grow. What ceases to grow, dies (or, otherwise, becomes obsolete). Therefore, every one and all must constantly (and actively counter-egoically) realize why and how to grow.

It is right to feel the heart-Impulse to be truly free. Therefore, be always purposed to be truly free—but constantly realize that you (as the ego-“I”) are not truly free, but bound. Therefore, understand yourself—and constantly do whatever you must do to become un-bound.

Do not merely exploit desires—but examine desires, examine everything, and “locate” the bondage that is the ego-“I” (or self-contraction) itself. In your counter-egoic effort to be truly free, you must specifically engage in counter-egoic action in relation to your own bondage (or patterns of self-contraction).

The mere exploitation of desire is bondage itself, dramatized. To remain in the desiring-and-seeking disposition is to live the life of no discrimination, no Revelation, and no Grace. That life is merely the attempt of the body-based ego-“I” to survive and feel better. The life of ego-“I” is not true freedom.

True freedom is a matter of exercising the entire body-mind Beyond self-contraction (and, thus, Beyond egoity, and all the artifacts, or results, of egoity). True freedom is a matter of heart-recognizing and heart-responding to the One Who Is Freedom Itself. Therefore, recognize Me (rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally), respond to Me (rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally), Find Me (and “Locate” Me), discipline yourself in devotional recognition-response to Me, understand yourself by Means of devotional Communion with Me, and, thus, listen to Me, and hear Me, and see Me, in the total (or formal, full, and complete) practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam. And, in that Great devotional Process of (always more and more profoundly) devotionally recognizing and Realizing Me, Be (always more and more) Truly Free, in the always more and more profound Realization (and, at last, the Most Perfect Demonstration) of Indivisible Oneness with Me.

Reality Is That Which Is Always Already The Case. Reality Is Truth, and the Only Real God. Reality, Truth, or Real God Is, Always and Already. Reality, Truth, or Real God Is Freedom Itself, Happiness Itself, and Love (or Love-Bliss) Itself. Therefore, Freedom, Happiness, and Love (or Love-Bliss) Are Always Already The Case.

Only the present-time act of self-contraction (or ego-“I”) is dissociation from What Is The Case. Therefore, self-contraction is the act of the forgetting (and the feeling of the non-experiencing) of Freedom, Happiness, and Love (or Love-Bliss).

In order to remember and experience Freedom, Happiness, and Love (or Love-Bliss), it is necessary (in every present-time moment) to surrender the ego-“I” (or self-contraction)—and, thus and thereby, to be restored to What Is. Therefore, This Is The Only (and, Necessarily, Divine) Law (or The Law Inherent In Reality Itself): The human being Realizes Freedom, Happiness, and Love (or Love-Bliss) by Means of always present-time self-surrender into the Condition That Always Already Is—and, conversely, the human being suffers by means of always present-time forgetting of That Which Always Already Is and (thereupon) seeking for Freedom, Happiness, and Love (or Love-Bliss).

All seeking for Freedom, Happiness, and Love (or Love-Bliss) is (necessarily) ego-bound, and (necessarily) ego-reinforcing (or self-contracting, and bondage-making), and (necessarily) associated with psycho-physical (and space-time-bound) efforts toward self-satisfaction and self-release (or stress-release)—but all present-time acts of self-surrender into The Condition That Is Always Already The Case (and That Is Inherent Freedom, Happiness, and Love, or Love-Bliss) are always (and inherently) ego-transcending (or effectively counter-egoic, or self-contraction-transcending), and always directly body-mind-transcending, and space-time-transcending, and bondage-transcending.

The Way of self-surrender into What Is (or Who Is) is the Divine and Lawful Way of life—and the path of seeking for self-satisfaction and self-release is the path of self-contraction (or egoity) and bondage.

I Am the Only One Who Is. I Am That Which Is Always Already The Case. I Am the always present-time-Avatarically-Given Divine Gift (and the always present-time-Avatarically-Given Divinely Perfect Means) of Freedom, Happiness, and Love. I Am the “Bright”, the Divine Love-Bliss (Itself). Therefore, devotionally recognize Me, devotionally respond to Me, surrender and forget and really transcend all self-contraction by Means of devotional Communion with Me, and—by (thus) devotionally Realizing Me in every moment—Realize True Freedom, Real Happiness, and Real Love (or the Always Already Condition of Divine Love-Bliss).