An Overview of
The Seven Stages Of Life

by The Adidam Writer’s Guild

The Divine World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, has Revealed a brilliant map of the full spectrum of human adaptation and growth--seven distinct stages of life, from birth to the Most Perfect Realization of Real God. Most Perfect Real-God-Realization (or Divine Self-Realization, or Divine En-Light-enment) is the Realization and Demonstration of the inherently egoless seventh stage of life--which had never been Realized previous to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Re-Awakening in 1970. Now, by virtue of Avatar Adi Da's Revelation of the Way of Adidam and His Free Gift of His Divinely Awakening Power, the seventh stage Realization is the (present and future) potential of all beings.

Briefly described, the first three (or foundation) stages of life constitute the ordinary course of human adaptation--bodily, emotional, and mental growth from birth to nominal adulthood. The fourth and fifth (or advanced) stages of life are characterized by the Awakening to Spirit, or the Spiritualizing of the body-mind and higher psyche. The sixth and seventh (or ultimate) stages of life are based upon an Awakening to Identification with Consciousness, prior to the body-mind and all the planes of possibility high and low.

In the sixth stage of life, the Realizer first Awakens to Identification with Consciousness in its Function as the "Witness" of arising phenomena. That original sixth stage Realization progressively deepens until it becomes a profound state of meditative ecstasy wherein all awareness of phenomena is excluded in Perfect (sixth stage) Identification with Consciousness Itself. In fact, the highest Realization previous to Avatar Adi Da's Appearance here, was this (sixth stage) Identification with Consciousness Itself Realized so profoundly that even if phenomena were then allowed to arise, It was not forgotten. But Avatar Adi Da Reveals that this Realization, although extraordinary by any possible measure, is yet incomplete--there remains a very subtle contraction of the being in its implicit dissociation from conditional existence, a refusal of Reality in its totality.

Only the seventh stage of life (or the Realization of "Open Eyes") transcends this last limit on Most Perfect Real-God-Realization. No exclusion of, or implicit dissociation from, conditional Reality is necessary, for the world is directly Realized to be a modification of Consciousness Itself, not separate (or "different") from Consciousness at all.

The fact that there are precisely seven stages of life (and not six or eight or however many one may propose) is intimately related to the hierarchical structural anatomy of the human body-mind. That structural anatomy includes not only the fleshy dimensions of muscles, bones, and so forth, but it also includes the subtler dimensions of energy and mind and Consciousness.