An Overview of
The Seven Stages Of Life

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In Part One, "Tat Sundaram!--All Of This Is Sacred, All Of This Is Beautiful! (The Essence of the Message of Adidam and of the One and Entire Great Tradition of Mankind)", Avatar Adi Da Sings the essential Secret of the Realization of Reality, Truth, or Real God:

No matter What, Where, When, How, Why, or Who Is Reality, Truth, or Real God--Consciousness (Itself) Is (Inherently, and Necessarily, and Always Already) the Only Basis for (and the Only Substance of) your Realization of That Which Is Reality, Truth, and Real God.

In Part Two of The Seven Stages Of Life, Avatar Adi Da describes the progression of each of the seven stages of life. He describes how children and young people in the first three stages of life are to be served by the community of practitioners in the Way of Adidam. And He describes how the Way of Adidam is the same for those who come to Him as adults as for those who attain maturity within the Wisdom-Culture of Adidam. He then goes on to explain how the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh stages of life develop, and how Most Perfect Real-God-Realization is ultimately Demonstrated by the Outshining of all of conditional existence in the unspeakably Sublime Event of Divine Translation.

Part Three of The Seven Stages Of Life consists of seven extraordinary Essays. "'God'-Talk, Real-God-Realization, and Most Perfect Divine Awakening" contains Avatar Adi Da's explanation of the five possible worldviews, their relationship to the Great Tradition of mankind, and the nature of exoteric and esoteric religious ideas and practices. "The Servant, The 'Soul', and The Very Self: The Three Points of View of the Progressive Stages of Life" is Avatar Adi Da's commentary on the stages of life as summarized in the epilogue to The Wisdom of Unity (or Manisa-Pancakam), traditionally ascribed to the great Indian Sage Shankara. "The Cultivation of My Divine Samadhi" is Avatar Adi Da's explanation of how Divine Self-Realization can and must be the Foundation of the entire course of the Way of Adidam via the moment to moment practice of devotional Communion with Him. "The Samadhis of Earth, Moon, and Sun" is Avatar Adi Da's metaphorical description of the traditional samadhis of the first six stages of life and how they relate to the hierarchical structure of the human being and to the seventh stage Awakening in the Way of Adidam. "I Am The Only 'Room' That Is" contains Avatar Adi Da's mind-dissolving "consideration" of the "Point of View" of Totality--which "Point of View" transcends all separate points of view within space-time. In "The Only Way To My 'Room'", Avatar Adi Da describes the uniqueness of the Way of Adidam. And in "On Transcending the First Six Stages of Life" Avatar Adi Da explains how the Way of Adidam is a Process that is both progressive and instant, and how the characteristic errors of the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages of life are to be transcended.