An Excerpt from
The Seven Stages Of Life

from Part Three, I Am The Only “Room” That Is

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Reality, or Truth, or Real God Is. And Reality, or Truth, or Real God can be Realized. To Realize Reality, or Truth, or Real God requires the transcending of egoity (or of the separate and separative point of view, or of the particularity of any point in space or any moment in time). In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam, the foundation understanding of egoity is a matter of ”locating“ the act of self-contraction that generates the illusion (and the heart-burden) of an egoic self, separate in space and time. The first demonstration of that understanding that cures the heart in My Avataric Divine Heart-Company is the transcending of the avoidance of relationship (or feeling beyond the avoidance of relationship, or feeling beyond the contracted self-“point”, and feeling into the Sphere of Totality—by feeling Me, and by feeling to Me, and by feeling into Me, Beyond the self-“point”, and Beyond even all immediate, or present-time, experiences, or egoic relations). This transcending of (or feeling beyond) the avoidance of relationship becomes (progressively) more and more “expansive”, moving more and more into My Sphere (the Sphere of Totality, or the Sphere of Absoluteness). Therefore, as the total Process of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam develops, it more and more becomes simple, tacit, moment to moment feeling to Me (and into Me), Beyond self-contraction itself—no matter what form self-contraction (in any moment) takes.

The Process of the Way of Adidam is not a matter of “expanding” from a “point” and becoming somehow “huge”. The Process of the Way of Adidam is not a matter of “expanding” the “point” itself, such that it progressively “includes” more and more of Totality. It is only in the sense of feeling (beyond the “point” of ego-“I”) to Me that the Process of the Way of Adidam is “expansive”, rather than “contracted”. To be “expansive” (in this sense) requires the transcending of the very self-“point” (or self-contraction) that could, otherwise, be the “center” of an ever-enlarging “expansiveness”. Thus, the Process of the Way of Adidam is not a matter of getting “larger” and “larger” as a separate (and presumed-to-be independent) ego-“point”. Such is the “evolutionary” ideal, or the seeker’s ideal. Rather, the Process of the Way of Adidam is a matter of (progressively) Vanishing the ego-“point” (or the separate and separative self-position), and (thereby, by becoming egoless) Realizing My Condition Non-Separately—Which Condition Is Inherently Non-Separate. And, when There Is only Totality (and the Inherent Transcending of the total sum of parts, or of points of view), Such That There Is the Inherent and Utter Vanishment of the point of view of particularity, That Is Most Perfect Realization of Me (and, therefore, Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization).

The point of view of the first five stages of life is the “point” point of view. From this point of view, it is, in the traditions, often stated, “The Truth is within you. The Divine is within you.” Such statements epitomize the traditional admonition to go “within”, to the very center of the “point”, as if the Infinite Divine were Radiating as that “inner point” (itself). In Truth, the Infinite Divine Self-Condition is not Radiating from a “point within”, or from any “point” whatsoever. The Infinite Divine Self-Condition Is universally Self-Radiant, without center or bounds. Therefore, the Infinite Divine Self-Condition is not “contained” at any “point” within the body, or at any other “point” in space and time. All “points” in space and time are (merely apparently) arising as modifications of the Infinite Divine Self-Radiance.