An Overview of
Santosha Adidam

by The Adidam Writer’s Guild

Santosha Adidam is Avatar Adi Da's "Essential Summary Of The Divine Way Of Adidam". In this magnificent book, Avatar Adi Da Samraj summarizes the entire process of the Way of Adidam, from beginning to end, Revealing (in explicit detail) how the Divine State of Perfect Satisfaction (or Perfect Contentment, or Perfect Searchlessness)-"Santosha", in Sanskrit-is Realized through the practice of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da's description of the process of Realization is extraordinarily precise and rigorously "scientific" (in the largest possible sense). This is necessarily so, because no "unscientific" approach-no approach that is based on preconceived presumptions (rather than empirical investigation) or that fails to take all dimensions of reality into account-can possibly lead to the Perfect Realization of Truth. Only an approach that is firmly grounded in the actual nature of existence and the actual nature of the human being can lead to the thoroughly life-transforming Realization of Truth, or the Realization of Perfect Satisfaction.

Historically, the pursuit of science has typically been wedded to the materialist point of view-but (as Avatar Adi Da has often pointed out) true science is simply the method of free investigation, unencumbered by any a priori presumptions or preferences about what may be discovered. Therefore, true science does not presume that the material dimension of existence is the only "real" dimension, or even necessarily the "senior" dimension. The dimensions of existence (and their interrelationships with each other) are to be discovered by means of thorough and open-minded participatory investigation.

As He relates in The Knee Of Listening, Avatar Adi Da's first thirty years were a period of unimaginably intense investigation of existence, conducted through all kinds of in-life means, including intellectual, religious, and Spiritual efforts. Therefore, everything that Avatar Adi Da describes in Santosha Adidam-relative to the nature of existence, the nature of the human being, and the nature of the process of Realization-is His "report" of what He has confirmed to be the case, through His own participatory observation of reality (in all its dimensions). In Santosha Adidam, Avatar Adi Da confirms certain of the conclusions about the nature of reality which have been reached by great Realizers of Truth (particularly in the traditions of India). And, even more significantly, He Reveals many remarkable esoteric secrets about reality and human existence that have never been told before-secrets that revolutionize our understanding of reality and human existence, secrets that make plain the total "design" of conditional life and its relationship to the Unconditional.

In some of the most highly developed religious and Spiritual traditions of mankind, the human individual is described as comprising three "bodies".

The "gross body" is the physical body-which has typically been presumed by Western medical science to be the only human body. The "subtle body" comprises the dimensions of life-energy and emotion, mind and psyche, as well as the higher functions of intelligence and will. The "causal body" is the core of the apparently separate egoic self, the root-sense of existing as an "I". These three "bodies" are traditionally understood to form the foundation of the waking, dreaming, and deep-sleep states, respectively. Avatar Adi Da confirms that this traditional description is correct, but He goes further and describes the structural anatomy underlying these three bodies.

Avatar Adi Da describes that the hierarchical structural anatomy of the human body-mind exists in two fundamental "planes"-the vertical and the horizontal. The vertical plane is a great energy-circuit, which He calls "the Circle". The Circle runs down the front of the body from the crown of the head to the perineum, and up the back of the body along the spinal line to the crown of the head. The horizontal plane comprises the esoteric structure of the heart, which has three parts-the left side, the middle station, and the right side. Beyond the Circle and rooted in the right side of the heart stands the most esoteric of all psycho-physical structures-"Amrita Nadi", or the "Current of Immortal Bliss". Amrita Nadi is rooted in the right side of the heart and rises in an S-shaped curve to the Matrix of Light, the apparently Objective Source of all forms and energies, Which lies infinitely above the crown of the head.

The left side of the heart and the frontal line of the Circle are the fundamental structures underlying the gross body-they are particularly associated with development in the first three stages of life and the beginnings of the fourth stage of life. The middle station of the heart and the spinal line of the Circle are the fundamental structures underlying the subtle body-they are particularly associated with development in the advanced fourth stage of life and in the fifth stage of life. The right side of the heart is the fundamental structure underlying the causal body-it is particularly associated with development in the sixth stage of life. Amrita Nadi, which stands prior to all these structures, is particularly associated both with the fullest Realization of the process of the sixth stage of life and with Divine Self-Realization in the seventh stage of life.