An Overview of
Santosha Adidam

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Part Three: "Santosha Adidam" (bearing the same title as the entire book) is the principal Text. In its twenty sections, Avatar Adi Da Samraj elucidates the esoteric anatomy of the human being and explains in detail the disciplines by which each of the five sheaths is to be purified and transcended, allowing the culminating Realization of Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment.

Part Four: In this collection of twenty-eight Essays and Talks, Avatar Adi Da Samraj expands upon the various technicalities He addresses in the main Text.

Further exploration of the hierarchical structure of the five-sheath anatomy and the relationship of the five sheaths to the seven stages of life

1. Direct Examination of the Structure and the Roots of One's Own Body-Mind Provides Immediate Evidence of The Hierarchical Structure of Reality, and Immediate Proof of The Divine Nature and Purpose of Existence

2. The Traditional (and, Otherwise, Readily Verifiable) Observations and Analyses of the Human Being

3. Traditional Descriptions That Illustrate the Differences Between the Higher and the Ultimate Dimensions of the Five-Sheath Anatomy of Man

Detailed descriptions of the right practice of the foundation disciplines

4. The Freedom of Discipline in The Way Of Adidam

5. The Non-Dual Healing and En-Light-enment of Money, Food, Sex, and the Whole Body

6. The Basic Functional, Practical, and Relational Disciplines of The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of Adidam

7. Right Diet Serves Sexual Equanimity, but Greater Disciplines Are Required for the True Transcending of Sex and the Entire Body-Mind

8. Yogic Sexual Intercourse and Yogic Celibacy

9. Right Celibacy Is Yogic, ego-Transcending, and Happy

10. The Time-Tested Politics of Unity and the Anti-Civilization Politics of Individuation

11. Radical Politics for Ordinary Men and Women

12. The Religious Necessity of Cooperative Human Community

13. The Sacred Community and the Secular State

14. Cooperative Democracy

15. The Healing Power of Cooperative Human Community

16. Refuge, or the Radical Function of Cooperative Human Community within the Politics of State

17. My Call for the Universal Restoration of the Sacred (or Central) Domain of Human Life

Examination of how the Way of Adidam develops in and beyond the context of each of the first six stages of life, until the seventh stage is Realized Most Perfectly at last:

18. The Four Fundamental Forms of Devotional Practice in The Way Of Adidam, and Their Most Ultimate Expression and Demonstration in The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Seventh Stage of Life

19. The Unique Directness and Completeness of The Way Of Adidam

20. The Great Process of Listening to Me, and (Then) Hearing Me, and (Then) Seeing Me

21. The Head-Pressure of My Real Divine Spiritual Presence

22. The Thumbs Is The Fundamental Sign Of The Avataric Crashing-Down Of My Divine Person

23. The Complex Structure of Man, and the Progress of The Way Of Adidam

24. The Truth Beyond Relations

25. The Transcending of the Illusions of attention

26. The Yoga of Divine Self-Recognition

27. The Perfection Beyond Conditions

28. The Infinite Divine Current That Shines in the Body-Mind of Man

Part Five: "The Heart-Summary Of Adidam" (a brief Essay that is included in all twenty-three Source-Texts) is Avatar Adi Da's summary of the profound implications of His Statement that the Way of Adidam is the Way of Devotion to Him As Self-Condition, rather than As exclusively Objective Other.

Part Six: "The One and True 'Radical' Way Of Adidam" is Avatar Adi Da's most concise description of the radical nature of the Perfect Practice of the Way of Adidam.

Part Seven: "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam" is Avatar Adi Da's Revelation of the most Pristine Teachings of Truth and Freedom that have ever been Granted to human beings--including His Revelation of the basic form of the conditionally manifested cosmos.

1. "Truth and Religion" is Avatar Adi Da's summary "Consideration" relative to the inherently cultic nature of any particular religion, contrasting it with the process of Truth-Realization Itself.

2. "The Self-Evident Falsity of the Search for Changelessness" is Avatar Adi Da's Address to the error of seeking for the Free Condition of Reality Itself as if It were a static condition that could be sought and acquired.

3. "There Is Only One Self-Evident Reality and Event" is an extraordinary Conversation between Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His devotees, during which He elucidates the essential Import of His Ruchiradam Revelation.

4. "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam" is the primary section of Part Seven. It is introduced by Avatar Adi Da's senior renunciate devotee, Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani, who contextualizes this Unique Revelation in terms of Avatar Adi Da's Life and in terms of the Divine Way of Adidam as a whole.

Epilogue: In "So It Will Be", Avatar Adi Da Samraj Freely Grants His Blessing to the world via His Prayer for the Divine Liberation of all beings.