An Overview of
Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light

(part 3 of 4)

The Prologue, "My Divine Disclosure" (also, like "First Word", found in all twenty-three "Source-Texts"), is a poetic epitome of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Self-Revelation. It is His Call to every being to turn to Him at heart and practice the life of devotional surrender in Real God.

In Part One, "Real God Cannot Be 'Proved' or Believed, 'Known' or Perceived, or Even Doubted", Avatar Adi Da explains why the traditional academic "proofs" of the existence of God are futile, and why it is crucial to ask the right questions.

In Part Two, "The Inherent Verity of Religion", Avatar Adi Da argues against the modern intellectual tendency to reduce religion to what is acceptable from a "scientific" point of view, explaining that true religion is a self-authenticating Process that requires no external validation.

In Part Three, "Religion Is Not a Science, and Science Is Not a True Substitute for Religion", Avatar Adi Da explains why even the academic proponents of (so-called) "rational" religion end up reducing religion to secular purposes, and He points out the inherent difference between scientific and religious pursuits.

In Part Four, "The Real Intention and True Message of 'Creation' Myths", Avatar Adi Da examines the original meaning and purpose of "Creation" myths, exposing the error of viewing them as a form of primitive pseudo-science.

In Part Five, "There Is No Face Within The Sky: Secular Science, Conventional God-Religion, and The Non-Objective Self-Revelation of Reality, Truth, and Real God", Avatar Adi Da, with extraordinary force, explores the two naive experiential presumptions that lie at the foundation of both scientific materialism and conventional God-religion.