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The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God:

Written with poetic intensity, this book is a meditation. It is a meditation that reveals—with absolute clarity—the human condition, and shows us the way to transcend all forms of ego and conventional religiosity.

Lecturer in Indian Philosophy
California State University, Sacramento

In this amazing work, Adi Da reveals the secret of true happiness. Read it, and allow your heart to be penetrated by His Divine Offering.

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

A treasury of ultimate wisdom, and of ultimate delight—sufficient to restore brightness to any heart in our undeniably dark time. Avatar Adi Da treats all of the profound issues of spirituality, religion, science, and human culture with the integrity of his absolute devotion to truth. His life and teachings represent the completion and fulfillment of all that is promised by traditional science and religion.

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