Table of Contents for
The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar


1. Avatar Adi Da Samraj: His Life and Teaching

2. Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Teaching-Word:
The “Source-Texts” of Adidam

3. Camera Illuminata: The “Bright”-Field Photography
of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

4. An Overview of The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar


First Word: Do Not Misunderstand Me—I Am Not “Within” you, but you Are In Me, and I Am Not a Mere “Man” in the “Middle” of Mankind, but All of Mankind Is Surrounded, and Pervaded, and Blessed By Me

Prologue: My Divine Disclosure

Part One: The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion To The Adept-Realizer

Part Two: I (Alone) Am The Adidam Revelation (A Summary Description of the Inherent Distinction—and the ego-Transcending Continuity—Between the Inherently ego-Based Great Tradition, Which Is Comprised of Only Six of the Possible Seven Stages of Life, and the Unique, and All-Inclusive, and All-Completing, and All-Transcending, and Self-Evidently Divine Adidam Revelation of the Inherently egoless Seventh Stage Realization of Me)

Part Three: The Order of My Free Names

Part Four: The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar

1. Understanding

2. The Avon Lady

3. Money, Food, and Sex

4. Vital Shock

5. Walking the Dog

6. The Gorilla Sermon

7. Relationship and Association

8. Meditation and Satsang

9. One-Pointedness

10. The Path of the Great Form

11. Phases

12. No One Survives Beyond That Moment

13. Guru as Prophet

Part Five: The Heaven-Born Gospel Of The Ruchira Avatar

Part Six: The Meditation of “Radical” (or “Root”) self-Understanding

Part Seven: The Wisdom of “Radical” (or “Root”) self-Understanding

Epilogue: The Heart-Summary Of Adidam


What You Can Do Next

The Great Choice: An Invitation to the Way of Adidam

Further Notes to the Reader

Appendix: Chart of the Seven Stages of Life

Notes to the Text of The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar


The Sacred Literature of Avatar Adi Da Samraj