An Excerpt from The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar

From Part 4, “Understanding”

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everyone has understood?

QUESTIONER: I have not understood. Explain it to me.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Very good. What have you not understood?

QUESTIONER: Well, you said, “Did everybody understand?” and everyone seemed to understand but me. Would you explain it to me?


QUESTIONER: Well, you could start with the word “understanding”.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. There is a disturbance, a feeling of dissatisfaction, some sensation that motivates a person to go to a teacher, read a book about philosophy, believe something, or do some conventional form of Yoga. What people ordinarily think of as Spirituality or religion is a search to get free of that sensation, that suffering that is motivating them. So all the usual paths—Yogic methods, beliefs, religion, and so on—are forms of seeking, grown out of this sensation, this subtle suffering. Ultimately, all the usual paths are attempting to get free of that sensation. That is the traditional goal. Indeed, all human beings are seeking, whether or not they are very sophisticated about it, or using very specific methods of Yoga, philosophy, religion, and so on.

When that entire process of seeking begins to break down, one no longer quite has the edge of one’s search left. One begins to suspect oneself. One begins to doubt the entire process of one’s search. Then one is no longer fascinated with one’s search, one’s method, one’s Yoga, one’s religion, one’s ordinary teacher. One’s attention begins to turn to this sensation that motivates one’s entire search.

When one begins to re-cognize, consciously to know again, that subtle motivation, this is what I call “understanding”. When one begins to see again the subtle forms of one’s own action, which are one’s suffering, that re-cognition is “understanding”. When this becomes absolute, most perfect, when there is utterly, absolutely, no dilemma, no form in the living consciousness to interpret existence, when there is no contraction, no fundamental suffering, no thing apart from Consciousness Itself, this is what I call “radical understanding”. It is only Enjoyment.

The traditions variously refer to the Ultimate Enjoyment as the “Self”, the “Heart”, “God-Union”, “Satori”, “Nirvana”, “Heaven”, and so on—but It is simply Consciousness Itself. There is no thing apart from Consciousness Itself. You are not some piece of Divinity seated inside the body, which somehow must get released from the body and go back to its Spiritual Home and Source. There is no such entity. The Home and Source is also the Very Nature of the “entity”. There is Consciousness Itself, and the apparent entity is within Consciousness Itself. When Consciousness Itself Enjoys Its own State, or Real Nature, even in the midst of conditions, even where there is life, that is most perfect “understanding”. When, no matter what event appears, there is only the Enjoyment of Consciousness Itself, not transformed or modified by events, when no implication arises on the basis of events to seem to change the Nature of Consciousness Itself, that is most perfect “meditation”. When there is the Most Perfect Enjoyment of Consciousness Itself, that is “Liberation”. All of that is “understanding”.