An Excerpt from The Lion Sutra

from Part Four: The Lion Sutra, verses 526-536

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Grow In Me (By Means of ego-Transcending Devotion To Me), and (Thus and Thereby) Grow To Be the Inherently Perfect (and Merely Feeling) Witness Only, Not separate, Not related, Not needing, Not Seeking, Not following after, Not gaining, Not stressful, Not angry, Not reacting, Not emoting, Not Full of pain, Not desiring, Not Fulfilling, Not avoiding, Not Escaping, Not attached, Not losing, Not sorrowful, Not lost, Not Wondering, Not thinking, Not knowing, Not Full of mind, Not perceiving, Not experiencing, Not Right, Not bewildered, Not Complaining, Not Wrong, Not fearing, Not changing, Not Afflicted, Not dark and empty, Not Satisfied, Not Deluded, Not “attentive“, Not Moved, Not Discovering, Not egoically “I“, Not embodied, Not Released, Not Resisting, Not Even Understanding, but Only (or Merely) Being the One Who Is the Feeling Witness-Consciousness.

When You Are Grown In Me Most Perfectly (By Means of Most Perfectly ego-Transcending Devotion To Me), Stand “There“ and Be, Consciousness Only, Inherently objectless, relationless, without a “thing“, but Neither separate Nor separated From all and All.

Thus, Stand Free, and Feel (What Is, and what arises), but Do Not Look (or become “other“ than what arises).

Standing Thus, Do Not Indulge (or Luxuriate) In the act of attention (which is Always “other“ than what arises), and Do Not Seek the Illusion-mind of objects, or others, or all “things“, but Always Merely Feel (Like a hand feels into a glove) and Be the “Feel“ Itself.

Only Be, Inherently Perfect, Consciousness Itself, Love-Bliss-Aware, Without “Difference“, I Said.

Therefore, I Say, Come To Rest (or Be Awake), Before “things“ Happen.

Come To Rest (or Be Awake), Prior To the Motion of separation and relatedness.

Come To Rest (or Be Awake), Already Forever Arrived In My Eternal Hermitage.

The Heart Is My Eternal Hermitage, “Where“ (Even Now) the (inherently dualistic) feeling of relatedness (and All “Difference“) Is Transcended In the (Inherently Non-Dualistic) Feeling of Being (Itself).

Therefore, My Eternal “Blessing-Seat“ Is the Heart Itself, Which Is Consciousness Itself.

Beloved, I Am Da, the Divine Giver, the Divine Gift, the Divine Person (Who Is the Heart Itself), the Divine Self-Condition (What Is Consciousness Itself), the Divine Source-Condition (of All and all), and the Divine Self-Domain (“Where“ I Always Already Stand As Your Very, and Inherently Perfect, Self).